Why You Should Not Undercut The Price But Charge More For Your Online Course

The paradigm shift brought up by the global pandemic has led to a massive change in different aspects of our life. While many businesses affected badly because of adverse market conditions, one sector is gaining huge significance lately-i.e. online learning. The conventional modes of learning are falling back with the emergence of online learning modules available over the internet. Its rising proliferation only underlines the fact that online learning will not leave the ground any soon. Today people are also acknowledging the benefits of an online course. Thus, you, as a knowledgeable business owner, should make an entry into this industry.

However, it doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or not. It would be best if you had expertise in any stream of knowledge. And you will be ready to kickstart your career in this sector. 

While you get a leg in this industry, online course pricing can often get tricky for you. Nevertheless, it would be best if you did not undercut the price of your course. Why? Here are a few reasons that will help you get the answer. Let’s dive into it:

Your course is beneficial to learners

Yes, this is the most straightforward reason why you should charge more for your online course. However, you might not feel the confidence while setting a high value for your course initially. That is quite natural, especially when you know that all the information people want can be easily found on the internet. But you still have leverage here. Your expertise with the subject of your course makes it more valuable. 

Besides that, you are helping learners save their time by offering a concise and well-designed course.

Learners will take your course more seriously

People tend to take expensive things more seriously. Your online course is no exception. The more you charge, the more learners will be committed to it. This way, you can eliminate the people who are not really serious about taking action or putting in the hard work. Ultimately, you will have great case studies and testimonials of learners who become successful.   

You can validate through social proof

Like selling any product, you need to prove to your audience how taking your course help them achieve the outcomes they desire. You need to form an email list, develop a sales funnel, and consider offering value in the form of blog posts. Facebook live interviews, webinars, digital downloads, and podcast interviews for free. 

This will enable you to gain learners’ trust and help you build your identity as an expert in your field. Also, consider creating social proof and testimonials from the people who have benefited from your course. That will call forth more students to take your course even at a higher price as they acknowledge it will be worth it.  

You offer useful add-ons

You can charge more for your course by creating a premium package that offers useful add-ons to your audience. It includes an extra module, some templates, group coaching. When you provide a package of the main course along with such add-ons, you are adding more value to your course that will make learners feel comfortable spending more on it. 

Besides that, you can consider offering a payment plan to help people break up the payments into more pocket-friendly amounts. Thereby, more people will join your course without feeling they are at risk.


While the field of online learning is booming, make your mark in the industry with a sense of courage and confidence. As long as you hold the expertise in the respective subject, you have all the right to claim the pricing you feel you deserve. So, take account of the tactics explained in the article and get ready to make your online course successful.