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13 Nov 2021
1 Min read

Wish You All Be Well And Full Of Trust And Joyful Expectations Of Our Bright Future!

Lovely founders family of ONPASSIVE, how amazing we are growing! I will do my best to share it here in Colombia before going to Europe for a couple of months. I will travel to Europe if the “funny” restrictions of the countries allow me. The purpose is to tell people about our amazing Unicorn company and to see my family again.

I cannot be very much on the platforms, but I sleep and wake up with ONPASSIVE and dreaming my vision!

And wish you all be well and full of trust and joyful expectations of our bright future!

Thank you, Sir Ash Mufareh, the supporting family, and the amazing tech and management team!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are God’s gift.

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