ONPASSIVE ecosystem

We are all aware that content is the king. While the saying may sound stereotype, but valuable content can indeed help you attract customers and sustain your relationships with them. By content, I mean emails, blogs, videos, newsletters, white papers, podcasts, infographics, and other digital media that encourage you to get your message across.

Though the influence of social media might dominate it, yet email is still one of the most influential and cost-effective digital platforms for sharing your content with your customers. You must receive a massive volume of emails in our inboxes every day, however, you’re forced to filter the email content you receive.

You must have all come across in your email inbox scrolling through dozens of messages you received, and you must have told yourself “that’s interesting,” “delete,” or “save this, might need it later,”. When an email content is prepared right, it excites your curiosity. Though, when it’s done wrong, it turns up in the trash box.

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To understand what makes an email successful, you should take a look at your own inbox. Look at the emails that you’ve recently received from businesses to try and learn which emails attract you the most and why. The emails that earn your attention and not get quickly sent to your junk folder should be the ones to take note of.

How does the ONPASSIVE ecosystem help you in creating attractive emails? Here are a few ways how ONPASSIVE can help you with ideas of creating emails that don’t get sent to the junk folder of your customer’s inbox.

Remembering Seasonal Aspect:

If there is a seasonal aspect to your business, you will be expected to send emails to your customers during special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. If you aren’t taking advantage of the seasons of your business, you’re missing your opportunity to connect with the majority of your customers when they need your services.

For example, if you are a florist, you can send emails during Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day to your customers, remembering the special occasion. ONPASSIVE helps you in creating these special occasion themed emails for you and send it to your customers.

Special Offers:

Imagine sending out a “special offer” email every week, after a month, these offers won’t feel very special anymore. Your customers or prospects won’t purchase your product or the message, and they’ll start moving away from you.

But, if your customers receive a “special offer” email from your business rarely, they’re more prone to pay special attention. ONPASSIVE ecosystem enables you to build an entire marketing campaign around an annual sales event that drives customers and create excitement for your store or website.

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Personal Touch:

Though large corporations spend millions on marketing campaigns designed to give their brand a more personal touch, the small businesses have the advantage here in many ways because their business is personal. All that you need to do is to show it. Whenever you get an email that’s communicating about their mission or purpose, you’ll always be interested in knowing more.

For example, if you’re celebrating 5 years in business, send an email out to let people in your email list know. You’ve been in business for 5 years! That’s something you should be proud of, and something all of your customers must know. Every email message that you send should guide your customers to content that will resemble most with them. Always remember, if you can drive your customers to your website, they’re much closer to making a purchase. And this is what exactly ONPASSIVE can help you to achieve. Drive customers to your website by adding personalization to your emails.

Hence take a look at your own inbox with a bit of professional interest and learn about how you can be better in interacting with your customers. You will be surprised by the ideas and inspiration that ONPASSIVE Ecosystem provides you to come away with better results when it comes to communicating with your customers better via email.