Dan Dupey

The zoom meeting was:

So encouraging

So uplifting

So heart-warming…and humbling

So rewarding

So reliving

So creative

So thoughtful…….and united!

Making me thankful that I, as well as several that I have brought with me, am on board with such a wonderful team!

It brought to the forefront and reminded me about the immense amount of time, effort, creativeness, and thoughtfulness that Ash has put forth from the beginning. It was quite a genesis in the early summer of 2018!  But it is so much more NOW!  Even Ash has stated that the “movement” has evolved into something more than we imagined.  We are all in a beautiful place at a wonderful time to change lives!

The Bill Williams video was AWE inspiring as well.  I am truly a LEGACY also, building a future for those in need as well as friends and family around me.