Workplace Communication Systems

Communication flow in an organization is vital for its proper functioning. You need to have a good communication system in place to ensure that you stay connected. The need for an efficient flawless communication system has become more vital as office have moved from the in-office work environment to work from home environment.

With a good and proficient communication system, the workflow can be well maintained and controlled. Staying in touch is absolutely vital especially for teams working on a single project to ensure everyone is on the same page. This becomes important for inter-department communication as well to ensure the other teams are able to do their part on time too.

The time sensitiveness that every business has be it a product or service-based industry makes it imperative that there is a good flow of communication that is not broken at any point of time. This is the reason why companies invest on comprehensive communication systems that can mitigate any confusion that can arise in a work environment while being equipped with various advantages.


One of the most important communication systems that has become a part and parcel of the work environment is email. But not all email systems can be suitable for an organization. An organization needs an email system that not just allows an individual to send and receive email. There are various features that emailing systems now come equipped with that enables a flawless ability to structure an extensive directory, suggest words while drafting emails, give spelling corrections, categorize emails based on the content, and churn out spams to keep your inbox clean.

AI enablement like ONPASSIVE’s OMAIL has taken emailing experience to a new level with the high-level analytics that it brings about in each and every feature it offers. Emails have now become highly secure with the encryption that it offers. Businesses can now share crucial information without the fear of being hacked into.

Internal communicator

Instant messaging offered by Microsoft has become a part and parcel of in-office communication. Many software companies have now developed more advanced versions of internal communication system. For eg O-Peer developed by ONPASSIVE offers a platform to communicate without any hassles with teammates in office and from outside office. It comes with multiple features that allow every employee to stay connected with the various departments and even keep track of tickets that have been raised. With the feasibility to create a personalized dashboard, O-Peer gives a heightened control over your work and staying connected when needed.

While security has always remained a top concern for every organization the internal communication systems offers a high-end secure network while at the office and outside too. This means with a good communication system you do not have to depend on the lengthy process of drafting an email and adding copies to associated people. Communicators minimize the effort needed while maximizing the level of communication.

Video and audio communicator

While offices are now spreading on a global level it becomes imperative that you are in touch with the team offsite as well. Of course we need to keep in mind the current situations too where work from home has become the norm. Video calls and conferences are highly crucial in every business now where board room meetings become just a matter of clicks from anywhere in the world. The ease which the internet brings in connectivity has heightened the way we can stay connected within and from outside the office as well.

There are many video conference applications in the market that facilitate these highly crucial business meetings. With the evolution of AI technology, audio/video software offer more than just the possibility of being able to see each other. Newer applications like OCONNECT by ONPASSIVE come with multiple features that allow real-time multi-lingual text-to-speech translation while giving other added advantages. This makes it a perfect application for a multi-national company that has stakeholders from all across the world.


Paper communication of course remains in trend but storage becomes a challenge. Digital communication tops every other method of communication in the world with the unparalleled ease it offers. As technology evolves we will see better and newer communications options that will be offered. 

AI tech companies like ONPASSIVE are constantly working on bettering the experience that a user gets with communication applications. It is only a matter of time that we will be heading towards a complete overhaul of the communication mode that we know now. It is time to brace the changes in the tech world now and charge on ahead.