AMP Pages

Are you still running a poorly optimised website? In this internet age where most of the web traffic is through mobile phones, you need to pull up your socks and start creating sites which load instantly for a mobile user.

In today’s article, we will glance at how we can use the technology behind Google AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages for better performance of your websites. A study says 40% of the visitors bounce off the sites which takes more than three seconds to load and Richard Gingras, an internet executive and entrepreneur published a report stating that more than 125 million documents and more than 640,000 websites have been AMP-enabled at Google.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you might end up losing a visitor with a bad experience. Your significant attention should be on people using mobile for their searches, and it might help in the success of your website.

How Google AMP helps in enhancing the performance of your website?

Several experts from the industry have joined the AMP revolution like WordPress, Reddit, eBay etc. Mentioned below are the reasons how AMP enhances your website performance:

Inbound Links:

Also known as backlinks, these are the links on the website for another page or website which helps everyone to understand the uniqueness, reliability and relatability of the content. Backlinks are the best solution for duplicate content issue as Google and other platforms get informed.

Increased Web Traffic:

User-friendly websites and content are mostly to get more visitors; AMP can be a vital tool to increase the traffic and visibility as it provides a better mobile experience. Increase in visibility plays a crucial role in the growth of the business.

Mobile-Optimised Websites:

Laptop or desktop are used less in present era people are more inclined towards using mobile phones for almost every task. A non-amp website can affect the user experience negatively as the content displayed in AMP-enabled websites are highly responsive and gain more attention from the user.


People like to stay updated and informed in the digital age, and easily accessible content plays an essential part in the success of any website. Implementation of AMP leads the customer to take a quick decision as they can easily relate to the products and services provided to them.

Brand Your Website With Innovation:

Websites with AMP add a value of being up-to-date by embracing new technology or enhancing the existing services. Marketers these days are implementing AMP to bring additional recognition to their brand as customer tends to go with the brand, which walks hand in hand with modern technologies.


Providing information to the user quickly at lightning speed is one of the significant advantages of using AMP-enabled websites. The easily accessible data provides a positive response from the user and increase the number of visitors. AMP-enabled sites stay a step ahead in the competition by distributing content to the relevant user instantly and efficiently.

Increases ROI:

AMP provides an excellent atmosphere for ads to be compelling and relatable to gain visitors attention. An advertiser increases its brand influence on visitors through a mobile experience. Marketers and publishers increase their return on investment through advertisement.

Google is mastering all the domains of the technology, keeping user experience in mind; this is one of the reasons for the glorious success of Google. Google AMP is an excellent example to support how Google is enhancing the user experience on mobile browsing.