heart and passion

Do you like numbers or statistics? I believe so.

At one of the Christmas webinars Mr. Ash said: 

“If each of us 50,000 founders do 1 good thing for ONPASSIVE for the next 365 days, it’s not possible to fail.”

I totally agree.

Now let’s consider that you would give to post box / mailbox your big business cards with your web address to the 10 (apartment) entrances daily.

For this model example, assume that there are 18 post boxes in one entrance.

That’s 10 x 18 = 180 business cards daily.

If every founder did: 180 x 365 * 50,000 = over 3 billion business cards with financial freedom every year.

Great, charming, amazing, don’t you think?

Our lives were just made clearer and they are about to change forever very soon!

Imagine what 50,000 people (founders-believers) can do to the understanding of ONPASSIVE worldwide.

I truly believe that we can double every month for the next 12 months.

1. March 2020:           100 000 members

1. April 2020:             200 000 members…

1. Mai 2020:                400 000

1. June 2020:               800 000

1. July 2020:             1 600 000

1. August 2020:        3 200 000

1. September:           6 400 000

1. October:              12 800 000

1. November:         25 600 000

1. December:          51 200 000

1. Jan. 2021:          102 400 000

1. Feb. 2021:         204 800 000 members

That would mean we could influence 204 800 000 individuals to become part of the greatest business in the world. 

All we have to do is agree that it’s possible. Is it possible? And your answer is right! Remember it started with one.

Glad to make the mark as a founder here and I know in time being at the right place.

The Community alone was worth the $ 97.00. 

Love this place and all you wonderfully positive people.

The difference between a successful and a failed person isn’t much.

1. Correct information

2. Be a visionary (think ahead) and use the right moment (of time).

3. Endurance

4. Keep mind open to constructive actions.

5. Listen to the right people

When a large number of people connect with this as positive energy as visionaries, it doesn’t matter what Bitcoin will do, it doesn’t matter what global plans the EU, Elon Musk, Putin, Trump or (Andrej Babis from the Czech Republic) will have, we just separate from these puppets and elites that lead us in the wrong direction.

Yes, it started with one.

Mr Ash is putting his heart and passion into this

We too need to continue to put just as much thought, energy, focus, and positivity as Founders.

We all see that ONPASSIVE Storm is coming.

The change of life for many people around the world is a reality.

Tired of working 8, 12 or 16 hours a day?

Tired of getting up with a crow crowing?

Now you have a chance to change it all.

If you read up here, it means that you are at least a little interested in a global project that will be more successful than Microsoft or Amazon. You are now getting a chance that will only happen once in a human life.

Dear (single) mothers, you are just getting the opportunity to effectively combine your family time with your career

Dear gentlemen, you are just getting the opportunity to finally grasp your life in your hands.

Dear altruistic people, Are you embarrassed to contribute “only” $10 to charity projects because you don’t have more money?

Everything is possible with ONPASSIVE.

The only step you need to take is to enter and register.

You don’t have to leave your job right away, but if you register now in January 2020, I guarantee that you will be able to leave your work this year.

Aren’t you still among us?

Just the right decision.

All you have to do is register and pay a very small fee.

I personally urge everyone to join and share our way in this conception. ONPASSIVE is everyone’s ticket to success! Experience what we feel, the fundamental change, the alternation of our future with unlimited income.

Do your best for your most secret dreams and wishes; don’t miss the EXPRESS TRAIN for financial freedom.