You Were Born To Win

A Blessed Day to All the GoFounders/ONPASSIVE Eagles!

Let Us Join In Unity And Strength To Proclaim That We, Along With Our Loved Ones Will Surmount Far. Above Anything BAD That May Come Against Our Lives, As We All Were BORN TO WIN By Masterful Creator Who Watches Over Us All; We Shall Live And Not Die, Heaven Is Backing Us All To Succeed In GoFounders/ONPASSIVE! Be Strong, Be Safe, and Believing, While Holding Faith, And Constant Prayer.

Statistically Speaking; In Most Cases, Before Anything Good Happens, Something BAD Happens In order To Test Our Faith, And Strength; But I Leave You All with These Words of Comfort; “Greater Is He That’s In Me, Than He That Is In the World…”


Smile at This Storm My GoFounders/ ONPASSIVE Brothers and Sisters,

It Will Soon Be Over, Heaven Is Backing Us!!

For All The Recently Joined Founding Members, My Word To You Is, ‘Please Don’t Give Up!’ Know Money Is Desperately Needed By All, But We Are On The Brink Of Overcoming. All These Money Worries Soon, The ‘SOFT LAUNCH MARKETING CAMPAIGNS’ Is Soon To Kick Off, Then Onpassive Will Be Opened To The World, Please Allow The Seed Of Onpassive To Take Full Root, Don’t Rush It By Keep Checking The Seed To See.

If The Roots Are Going Deep Into The Earth, The 141,000+ Founding Members Is Already Testing Onpassive For Us And Checking It Even While We Sleep, The Full Nutrient Has Already Been Applied For Steady Growth Of Onpassive, Mr. Ash Is The Farmer Of Onpassive, The World Is Our Market Place, And Our Creator Is Our Guide, And Sustain.

He Has Sent Ahead Of Us The Sunshine And A RainBow, Which Will Appear Soon Beyond Our Dark Clouds. Remember, Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait And Have Faith, We Are All Winners Here, Forget All The Bad Things That Has Happened In Your Past, Your Future Is Much Brighter With GoFounders/Onpassive, Financially Speaking.

No Matter What Comes Our Way, We Are All In It To Win It. Many Want To Scream And Shout, ‘I Told You So, GoFounders/Onpassive Was A Scam.’ But We Won’t Give Them The Time Of Day To Glory In Such Lies, Make No Mistake About It, ONPASSIVE WILL LAUNCH. We Are In It To Win It.