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Types of Automated Emails Every Business Needs

An automated email may prepare and schedule ahead of time and specify the parameters under which it will be delivered to the user. For example, you could design a single welcome email and have it delivered automatically when someone signs up for your newsletter or registers on your website. You don't have to email it to each new address manually. Automated emails assist companies with millions of subscribers in efficiently communicating with their audience. Depending on the business and service, they come in a range of forms and sizes. Some automated emails are bette...

Growth Marketing & Brand Marketing: What Are They? How Are They Different From Each Other?

24 September, 2021

Modern marketers are expected to integrate growth marketing and brand marketing techniques to obtain the maximum ROI. Besides content and inbound marketing, growth an...

Make Most Of Your Email Marketing Efforts With These Simple Strategies!

23 September, 2021

Opting for the latest Email Marketing Strategies enables your business to connect with a broad range of customers. You will also need to be in touch with the prospect...

How To Make Effective Use Of Social Media To Boost Your Email List?

22 September, 2021

One of the best ways to drive traffic back to your website, and ultimately your sales page, is through a strategy known as Social Media Marketing. Social Media Market...



Most Popular Social Messaging Apps That Boost Your Business Communication – ONPASSIVE

23 September, 2021

The development and utilization of social messaging apps have enabled businesses t...

How To Implement Personalization Marketing?

23 September, 2021

Imagine you have visited a store to buy something, and a sales guy comes to you to...

Design your Data Strategy with AI – ONPASSIVE

23 September, 2021

Data strategy is an area of big business that seems to be gr...



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How Fortunate We Are To Be Part Of This Magical Journey!

Good Evening To All Founders! Of Course, We All Realize How Fortunate We Are To Be Part Of This Magical Journey, And We Cannot Thank Enough For The Effort Put Forth By Ash, Tech Teams, And Leadership Council. I Also Want To Put In A Special Thank You To A 'behind The Scene' Support Team... They Are Doing An Amazing Job Keeping Up With All The Challenges And Questions Bombarding Them Every Single Hour Of Every Day. I Recently Had An Issue ...


How Visual Search Is Changing The SEO Industry?

Search Engine Optimization Or Seo Is All About Getting High Search Engine Rankings For Your Websites On Major Search Engines Like Google, Msn, And Others. Getting Your Website Noticed On The Internet Can Be A Challenging Task, And This Is Where Seo Comes In. With The Help Of Seo, Your Website Will Be Visible To The Searchers Of ...

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Types of Automated Emails Every Business Needs

An Automated Email May Prepare And Schedule Ahead Of Time And Specify The Parameters Under Which It Will Be Delivered To The User. For Example, You Could Design A Single Welcome Email And Have It Delivered Automatically When Someone Signs Up For Your Newsletter Or Registers On Your Website. You Don't Have To Email It To Each New Address Manually. Automated Emails assist ...


Crucial Steps To Improve Employee Engagement Within Your Organization

Employee Engagement Refers To Employees' Emotional Or Mental Connection Towards Their Organization Or Workplace And Team. As The Workforce Plays A Crucial Role In Moving An Organization Towards Success, Employee Engagement Impacts A Company's Profitability, Customer Experience, Employee Turnover, And Other Factors.  ...

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Omnichannel Marketing- Gain Seamless Customer Experience

Let Us Know What A Marketing Channel Is? Channel Refers To Means Used To Convey User Information. Online Marketing Channels Include Emails, E-commerce Websites, And Social Media, While Offline Means Include Face-to-face Communication, Media, And Pamphlets.  ...

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Make Most Of Your Email Marketing Efforts With These Simple Strategies! – ONPASSIVE

Opting For The Latest email Marketing Strategies enables Your Business To Connect With A Broad Range Of Customers. You Will Also Need To Be In Touch With The Prospects Who Have Not Yet Purchased From You, And You Might Need To Go The Extra Mile To Convince Them. And Landing Up In Their Inbox Through Email Marketing Is The Easiest Way Of All. know More About  ...

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Omnichannel Marketing- Gain Seamless Customer Experience
5 Key Guidelines For Interactive Content Marketing

Content Is The King Of Any Industry. Businesses' Essence Can Take The Effective Form ...

Influencer Marketing- Best Marketing Platform For Sales

Businesses' Objective Is To Enable People To Come Forward To Use The Products And ...

How To Perform Video Marketing Effectively?

No User Would Come To Know What A Business Is Actually Into Without Marketing. So, ...

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