SEO Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

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In the previous article, we have learnt in-depth about the importance of responsive web design. Now, we will be taking a closer look at the SEO benefits of utilizing responsive website design!

It is a well-known fact that over 60% of websites are not designed in a responsive manner and by boosting your own SEO strategy, you can also improve your search engine results page.

So here are 10 SEO benefits of responsive web design:

1. Compatibility across various devices:

  • Responsive websites automatically adapt to different screen sizes, when users switch between tablets and laptops.
  • The website adapts to different users and can be efficiently displayed on different screens and sizes.
  • It makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website’s content.
  • Search engines such as Google need to crawl and index multiple versions of your website.

2. Mobile-friendly websites are promoted much higher:

  • Google boosts mobile-friendly websites since its changing in the algorithm especially on search engine results pages.
  • Now, more than 60% of Google searches are done from mobile.
  • Mobile searches are set to increase over the next few years by a tremendous amount.

3. Increased speed of websites:

  • If your website does not load quickly within a span of a few seconds, then this will cause people to get uninterested and go to other websites.
  • When you ensure that your websites are speedy, Google will deliver your website on a much higher spot in the search engine rankings.

4. Lower Bounce Rate:

  • Responsive web design has a much lower bounce rate and Google frequently crawls through websites to monitor the bounce rate and boosts your SEO ranking.
  • Unresponsive web design is the biggest contributor to a higher bounce rate.

5. Improved User Experience:

  • Improving user experience is a great way of improving your SEO rankings and you must make sure that visitors can navigate through your website without any problems.
  • By increasing the experience of your user on your website, you can increase the overall time spent on your website.

6. Cost-Effective in Nature:

  • Having a single responsive website will go a long way in being more cost-effective and helps to boost SEO rankings as well.
  • This is much better than spending more money on PPC campaigns.

7. Backlinks are Boosted:

  • Building backlinks is the core of any SEO strategy and the better quality of credible and authoritative websites will lead to a better quality of websites being built.
  • Building links on a single domain is a much better idea as it helps to improve responsiveness and SEO of your website.

8. Avoiding Duplicate Content:

  • Having different websites means you must create the same content twice, which means that your work is only getting doubled.
  • You must ensure that your web content is on a single domain so that Google can easily crawl, index and organize your content effectively.

9. More Sharing on Social Media:

  • Responsive web design ensures that users can share content on Facebook and Twitter as it is optimized for their visibility.
  • A majority of social media activity is available on social media devices and not having a responsive website would lead to poor SEO rankings as well.

10. Google’s Algorithm:

  • Google holds a monopoly of the market share in terms of search engines and accounts for 85% of the overall market share.
  • Google prefers websites which are designed in a responsive manner, and due to this, it becomes a must-have for every website.

In conclusion, these are the 10 SEO benefits of responsive web design. It is essential that you understand the numerous benefits of utilizing responsive web design so that you can implement them in the future.