We are living in an era of comfort. People do not go out to shop or close a business deal. They sit at home, use their smartphones, and search for what they want. Their ordered products are at their doorstep in no time.

The population of 4.2 billion people is online for their personal and professional needs. It’s a huge marketplace and a great opportunity for businesses. Still, one-third of the population is not online and is yet to learn and understand its benefits.

Hence, your business must go online before your competitors reach your potential customers.

But how to be online? Are there any basics one should consider before and after going online?

Yes, there are a few consideration points for building your business presence online. But following those individually and manually could be time-consuming and expensive.

Here, ONPASSIVE plays an important role in doing your job for creating your brand presence online. ONPASSIVE is a product-based company driven by Artificial Intelligence at the core of its business model. The company aims at providing complete business automation with the help of AI-driven applications.

Below are the 6 out of 16 ways ONPASSIVE could help in building an online presence:

1. Domain name registration and Website Designing:

ONPASSIVE’s AI technology identifies the industry and assigns the best matching domain name for your business. Post the domain name has been assigned, its AI-driven content management system (CMS) creates a beautiful and attractive website matching your products and services.

2. Create Your Presence Where Your Customers Hangout:

What’s the point if you are online, but your customers don’t know you do. ONPASSIVE uses its huge social and professional database to identify the best platform for your business. It looks for your customer base that is most likely to take an interest in your business. Based on this data, it creates company profile pages on those social media channels and creates a community to interact with your ideal customers.

3. Build an Email database:

ONPASSIVE’s tools help you fetch customer contact details, most importantly email IDs, that you could use for promotional campaigns and call-to-action ads. Based on the stage of the customer’s purchasing funnel, it categorizes email IDs, which help you receive better campaign results along with ROI.

4. Virtual Online Experience:

Currently, there is no restriction in expanding to various other marketplaces. However, creating an online business experience for customers in other markets could be challenging due to different time zones. Hence, ONPASSIVE’s AI-driven Chatbots help your other marketplace customers to feel you are actively online and providing the best customer support.

5. Build Agile Ad Campaigns:

As mentioned earlier, ONPASSIVE has a huge database of customers. Hence, targeting the audience to meet certain promotional objectives would be very effective and show relevant customer engagement with ad campaigns.

6. Automate SEO Activities:

SEO is all about optimizing websites and external sources to drive traffic on your site. Companies invest in manual efforts to optimize images and content on websites with relevant keywords. At the same time, blogs and articles are published on external websites to drive audience of those sites to yours. ONPASSIVE’s AI tools identify relevant keywords and sections of your website and update to meet on-page optimization objectives. These tools also create internal links to different pages for relevant content, such as pillar pages. AI-driven SEO tools help to auto-schedule posts for social media and external websites.

ONPASSIVE helps startups and small scale companies owned by individual owners to take their business online with the help of the above-mentioned AI tools and services. In the next part of this article, we will cover other benefits of ONPASSIVE tools that could help companies to provide the best online experience by creating values and using business insights.