Virtual Teams

Today virtual teams have become more and more relevant. It is more productive, efficient, they save money on overhead, and result in happy and motivated employees. This turn in the shift towards remote work offers multiple benefits for both employees and companies. Remote employees exercise greater freedom and versatility, while businesses benefit from access to more effective talent, improved productivity, and lower overhead expenses.

However, the advantages of virtual teams do not come without their challenges. Businesses must adjust to changing workplace dynamics and execute creative strategies for effective interaction among virtual team members. Business owners may also face new obstacles toward implementing employee responsibility and cultivating a positive work culture.

However, once you choose to move towards a shared team, there is a learning curve to managing a remote organization.

Here are the 6 components to keep in mind for a successful remote working culture:

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Have the Right Video Conferencing Tools:

Having a trustworthy video conferencing tool is the ultimate key to ensure the smooth operations of a virtual team. While working remotely, making sure you have a dependable tool to communicate is the best way to maintain collaboration, trust, and productivity.

Create Company-wide Guidelines:

Setting proper expectations in a remote environment helps employees know where boundaries are and set them up for success. It is suitable for leadership to set expectations about when people should be online or how to best communicate under unique circumstances.

Ensure You Have Solid Equipment:

While working remotely, it is crucial to have a reliable computer, high-speed internet connection, a webcam, a great microphone, and any other requirements to do your job and communicate with colleagues. We usually don’t think about it until a remote situation arises. It’s essential to make sure you have access to these necessities at all times.

Maintain Your Routine:

When you are working from home, it is easy to get distracted and forget your routine. The best idea to overcome this challenge is to be ready and be prepared to maintain the same routine you do on any typical working day. It’s helpful to have a designated workspace without the distractions of household responsibilities or family members to increase your productivity.

Encourage Feedback and Communication:

When the team needs feedback on how team members are feeling about a topic, ask participants to rate to show their acceptance. If most people give a thumbs up, you understand things are going pretty well. Easy feedback forms help monitor morale even during periods of distance.

Culture is a Shared Vision:

It’s not a pool table or a coffee machine in the office that creates a unique working culture; it’s how you treat your employees. Give your team the freedom to work creatively toward a common goal or vision, rather than to create a list of tasks for them to complete. You can maintain connection and positivity with virtual happy hours, coffee breaks, or festivals for birthdays or milestones.

GoFounders gives you access to the world of powerful features such as webinars, screen capturing, and chatbots that are specifically designed for running your virtual teams. Gone are those days when you can’t even think of a virtual team that operates for you. Thanks to GoFounders, it’s all within your grasp to run a virtual team and succeed.

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