Are you interested in learning how ONPASSIVE AI will be your next best teammate in the future? Read on.

Empowered employees are assets to an entrepreneur. It is the reason why business leaders spend money and other resources on empowering employees. The learned workers are more creative and productive. They typically come up with process improvements, utilize team resources efficiently, and more. Therefore, encouragement in employee development is a must.

However, there is a challenge. According to the studies, 75% of the cross-functional teams are dysfunctional, and their productivity is not up to the mark. Honestly, it is at a 30-year low. Organizations desperately need an improved system to deal with dysfunctionality and improving efficiency.

AI for Team Productivity:

Like every other industry, AI is becoming an innovative solution for building healthy and productive teams. AI is predicted to bind the team members together and help develop a team connection. Stating the data, Accenture anticipates that by 2035, AI will help increase business productivity by 35%.

By using AI, team members will be able to boost their productivity and efficiency – thereby – improving the overall performance of the enterprise. With the performance uplift, they will be more innovative, creative, and better communicate with the team members. This again leads to the betterment of the team output, better customer retention, and more significant ROI.

ONPASSIVE AI For Better Team Management:

ONPASSIVE AI is the futuristic business platform that incorporates various management of team management. The AI system comprehends the business functions and creates a relevant team with various automated designations. Later, when the project is automated for running the business without manual interference, the AI platform intelligently assigns tasks to individuals part of the team and assists them in performing their tasks on par with the predefined standard.

The automated assignment of functions to different tasks provides entrepreneurs and business leaders to focus more on upper-level strategies and business ideas. Interestingly, the AI platform matches the knowledge required for the function with various other teams, and the algorithms arrive at a decision. Based on the knowledge match between the requirement and team members’ the platform delegates the complex tasks and gets it completed within the mandated conditions.

Build a modern workplace with AI teams:

Additionally, the team can be a machine algorithm-based virtual team where each smaller unit of the AI-team can perform different functions without any human interventions isn’t ruled out either. ONPASSIVE AI platform will consist of the following features for intelligent team building and management.

  • Team Recruitment – ONPASSIVE AI incorporates an intelligent team-building framework that automatically identifies the potential team members who can work on different business functions
  • Task assignment – the AI platform intelligently assigns tasks to appropriate team members who are capable of executing the functions
  • Project management – the AI platform comprehends the project based on the historical input data of the teams (both outside and inside of the company) it recruits teams and assigns tasks
  • Team appraisal – based on the performance of the team, the AI platform appraises each team individual or unit for their productivity and efficiency.
  • And much more in the future

GoFounders is a leadership organization that heavily relies on the ONPASSIVE AI platform to build a modern workplace and business strategy. Teamwork is done with an AI-based platform that assists in intelligence recruitment, assignment, and management of team members and generates a massive income flow to the business. Do you want to implement AI for your team? Get in touch with us and learn more about it.