ai in digital marketing

The use of AI or Artificial intelligence in business activities is rapidly spreading across all the industries. In the same way, digital marketing is becoming the face of digital transformation as we know it. Combining these two forces of disruptions will bring exceptional outcomes to all your marketing efforts—welcome innovation with the help of artificial intelligence by doing the same process but smartly and most efficiently. 

The widespread use of AI in digital marketing has made everyone aware of the importance of technology in the digital landscape. Here, we’re going to discuss the impact of AI in online marketing and show how businesses can leverage AI’s power in their marketing strategy.

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How Artificial Intelligence transforms digital marketing

Artificial intelligence is changing dozens of industries. From finance to retail and digital industries, AI is transforming the way brands function. For digital marketers, it is one of the exciting and invaluable solutions to connect brands with their audiences.

Machines and computer systems match humans in tasks like voice-recognition, visual perception, transcribing, and decision-making, which all earlier demanded human intelligence. Now, artificial intelligence can achieve those tasks independently. By the end of 2025, 40% of digital transformation services will employ artificial intelligence, and the AI industry will grow its revenue to $190 billion. These are AI predictions for 2019, and there’s no harm in expecting more positive momentum from this technological revolution.

How Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing in digital marketing

  • AI analyses more and more in-depth data to offer invaluable insights for a business or any small marketing campaign.
  • It boasts accuracy and ensures precision, which leads to fewer errors and increased productivity.
  • It adapts to any new inputs through progressive learning algorithms.
  • AI promotes the production of certain trained types and formats of content.
  • AI can predict customer behavior predictions, which can be an easy solution for marketers to increase their customer experience.

Dynamic Pricing

Providing attractive discounts to customers is a guaranteed way to increase sales. Some customers will still habituate themselves to buy with smaller discounts or if there is no discount.

AI can help set the price of products and services dynamically depending on demand, demographic, availability, and other factors to boost both sales and profits.

Some tools keep track of the price on other e-commerce websites. You can visit, which will show you the dynamic pricing of Amazon products over time. Each item has a graph showing the pricing fluctuates depending on various factors.

Pay-per-click and Ad Optimization

A/B testing is known to be one of the traditional approaches to optimizing content and display ads. Still, it’s a tedious process with an infinite number of variables to analyze, and therefore use up a lot of time and energy. With the help of AI in online marketing, you can optimize your ads based on conversions and interactions.

It starts for a customer from a moment of interest, how we interact with that customer to provide the most relevant material in front of them. At that time, they are most likely to respond to your efforts. 

AI ad optimization is also beneficial on social networks such as Instagram. Algorithms are capable of predicting the accounts that a particular user is following and will present the ads most likely to be relevant to the owner of this account. This ensures a better experience for the user and a better ROI for the marketers as the numbers of ads shown to users who aren’t interested are optimized.

Using feedback to optimize content

Every day, digital experts have to deal with content that does not associate with the target audience. Given the size of the target customer, it isn’t very easy for a marketer to anticipate exactly what each consumer wants. Even with the consumer feedback, a marketer would not be able to go through each item. 

Fortunately, with the help of AI and ML, marketers can automate some of these activities, like analyzing feedback, cataloging to aid optimization of marketing content.

Lead Management and align the trends

Artificial intelligence is a convenient solution to digital marketing teams for Lead Management and nurtures several business breakthroughs.

AI can be used in many business systems to increase management skills by offering favorable insights. Leverage on AI solutions to improve your digital marketing operations.

Digital marketers can implement AI technology to find unique business growth opportunities for brand expansion. Innovative AI tools can analyze a massive amount of data to determine and analyze current market trends.

Below are a few significant statistics about the market estimation of AI in digital marketing. 

  • Companies that practiced AI in online marketing and sales were able to achieve 70% of reductions in call-time
  • With the use of AI and ML technologies, it is easy to reduce the percentage of shopping cart removal to 30%
  • It’s been estimated that 60% of digital marketers admit that AI is the best technology to build strategies when working on a massive amount of data.
  • AI-enabled virtual assistants would propel the growth of digital marketing
  • Forbes estimated that over 86% of organizations are working with AI to predict sales growth and boost their email marketing and engagement rates.
  • AI has increased online shopping frequency by 50%

AI in digital marketing is going to prevail for long from now on. Exploring unique ways to use AI for your brand not only adds potential benefits to your bottom line but will also help you prepare for the next trend of the technology. Artificial intelligence is making marketers more productive by completing tasks more efficiently.

By picking AI-powered solutions to business problems, marketers are also saving a lot of resources and time. No matter the size of the business, there are artificially intelligent tools that can help everyone.

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