Infographic Marketing

There are many things about Infographics like, not useful to build good SEO marketing, lack of obtaining consumer interest. Infographics are expensive and will not be any benefit with backlinks and all. Mostly many companies feel like return on investment will be less than what they have invested in Infographics.

Everyone will feel like Infographics space is saturated, that is why in this topic, how we can achieve great results by using Infographics and generate thousands of shares and backlinks.

Statistics Based On Infographics Study:

The following are the results of Infographics that can prove Infographics as an excellent content marketing investment.

  • Articles hit 178% more backlinks with Infographics
  • 65% of brands use their content marketing efforts as Infographics
  • In the Business to Business marketing, there was a massive increment like 65% with Infographics
  • As per the survey 59% business to consumer marketing use Infographics as their primary source of marketing
  • The Articles which have Infographics they received much interest than other articles like 72% higher than the average item.
  • Infographics have three times better rating than any other social content in social media.
  • Infographics useful for users to read from top to bottom and it is proven fact
  • As per a study when people hear something as the information, they can retain that information like 10%, but when we add Infographics with that information there is a chance for people to remember the same story like 65%
  • Illustrations and images will make people follow the rules on the road, and this made possible by Infographics as per the study, there was 323% of people understanding illustrations instead of verbal communication.

Infographics Changes Business Dimensions:

Above statistics has stated the importance of Infographics how they are going to use for the businesses in moulding Digital Marketing, and attracting the interest of the audience with a visual representation. Following are some of the critical points we need to consider when we are trying to use the Infographics.


There are award-winning Infographics on the internet they represent the clear picture of what they wanted to tell, and these visuals are attractive. They will grab the attention of any user which they come to see our article or website. When companies are trying to convey a story through Infographics, they should need to consider the image should need to be very powerful as well as easy to understand. Low quality and useless layouts should need to avoid. The frame should need to be perfect as well as the text should represent the same effect as visuals are doing.

1. Frame:

The frame is not only the outer part, but the frame denotes the inner part of the image when we set up a fantastic frame which will show the impact of the photo clearly and gives the great impression on the picture which we are trying to tell. That is why a beautiful frame should need to set up based on the theme and length and width.

2. Text:

Content is the king of the market, which will act as the message of the brand or business. It will directly impact the industry in and around parts, coming to mission, vision and values. That is why in Infographics content is the essential primary source, and marketers should go for the right content to drive best Infographics.

3. Creating Viral Worthy Infographics:

When we are creating viral-worthy Infographics at we need to have excellent data, then only great things will come up will discuss some of those exciting things in the following headlines.

4. Real-Time Topics:

The trending topics will always gear up people to show more interest in the Infographics; in the same, we need to add the exact keywords to the real-time issues. So that search engine can pick our article or site easily.

5. Paragraph Introduction:

Infographics tend to be on the image format, to make them available life, we need to add catchy paragraphs introducing them to the embedded Infographics. 

6. Never Make More Than 6 Points:

The storyline should need to be short and brief. Lengthy Infographics tend to consume many data on the site as well as many people lose their interest when they see that big Infographics. That’s the reason when it is between 6 points then that will be perfect as well as beautiful. And colours play an essential role in the Infographics that’s the reason graphic designed should need to consider this point as a critical element.

7. Give an Embed Link:

Infographics with embed links will be easy for people to share the content with many people, with that we can generate many backlinks, there is embed generator which we can find online like WP embed code generator.

8. Welcome people for comment:

When we allow the comments from the audience, we can get to know the real perspective of people as well as the reach which we got from our Infographics. It will be the best possible way to see if we are going in the right direction or not. It will improve digital marketing strategy.

9. The takeaway from Infographics:

  • 90% of Infographics fail due to lost in control over the cost. If we try to mitigate the price, then there will be ample opportunities to build business basics with amusing Infographics.
  • Return on investment observed in the long run, if we focus on producing great Infographics, we can get back with good results. But in the case of Infographics, it will take time.
  • Choose a great topic.
  • Analyze the system of Infographics in the industry
  • Best quality design and the contents materialized as income.
  • Share the same thing to all your channels.