branding on instagram

With over half the population being online, the internet is becoming one of the basic needs of humans to survive throughout a day. Social media has emerged a lot and has given several opportunities to most of us.

Many businesses use social media as an essential tool for their marketing strategy. It is much needed for your business to survive in today’s digital world. According to a recent study from Statista, there are currently 2.77 billion social media users around the globe. By this, you get an idea of why social media is as important as a marketing strategy.

Instagram is the perfect social media platform for modern marketing technologies because it is user-friendly, more interactive and easy to acquire more followers to your Instagram handle.

Here are a few of the best approaches to promote your Instagram page and build brand awareness:

#1 Simple Yet Professional Username

First things first, pick an appropriate username that is simple and easily searchable. The username should relate to your brand. Never make a mistake of using catchy and fancy usernames because even if it is a social media account, it represents your whole business. The username can be your brand name and if the name is already taken or a similar name exists then you can play with punctuation’s between the characters to get a valid username. Make sure that it is consistent across all social media platforms.

#2 Create an Insightful Bio

Make use of the 150 characters limit adequately and be precise about the short description of your brand. This is the field where you give the location, company website and any other information that you see fit. Make it engaging for your users so that they spend some time in reading and as well as helping your brand to grow. A few other components you can add to your bio are upcoming events and links to your blog. Unlike username, the bio can be changed and you can keep tweaking it for better results.

#3 Work on Hashtag

Hashtag is very important for your business to survive on social media. Instagram is all about hash tags because it helps other users to find your page and posts thus increasing the number of followers on your page. It is one of the best digital marketing strategies, hash tags pull up categories with the latest posts. For example if you search using hashtag #catvideos you will get a list of all posts on Instagram where people have used the hashtag. Make sure that you use terms that are trending to get your post featured in the popular section.

#4 Promote Posts & Advertisements

There is no doubt that social media advertising is the best and cheapest way to advertise in digital marketing. Take advantage of this to boost your posts and promote advertisements. Promoting a post means you have posted a photo and want to pay for it to get more visibility outside your followers. This is basically a content/photo that is not directly selling anything. It will help in building brand awareness and bring more people to your reach. Engage users and encourage them to take part in the post by asking a few interesting questions or fun tasks.

These are some of the best ways to improve branding on Instagram. As we know that this is the best platform to meet prospective clients, make sure that you don’t miss Instagram out from your marketing strategy.