video email marketing campaigns

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In this article, we will take a closer look into the mistakes that should be avoided while conceptualizing and executing your video marketing campaigns. There are some crucial mistakes, that as a marketer you should strive to avoid.

First, let us take a quick recap on understanding the umpteen benefits of utilising video email marketing. Some of the amazing benefits of video email marketing are:

  • Easily understandable across a wide audience.
  • Saves a lot of unnecessary wasted time.
  • A great penetrating tool especially for marketing.
  • Vastly improves the overall SEO rankings.

So, what are some mistakes to avoid in video email marketing?

Now, that you have understood the incredible benefits of video email marketing, here is a list of practices that you should avoid while running video in email marketing campaigns.

Some of these mistakes which you should avoid are:

  • Do not use click-bait type of phrases such as ‘click here’ as this may appear spammy and untrustworthy to people. You should also aim to avoid using the word ‘test’ in subject lines.
  • You should also avoid using too many exclamation points, as this may make your video seem comical. Overusing exclamation points can make your content look absurd and can also look unprofessional.
  • You should avoid using UPPERCASE for all your content. This can make your content look haphazard and can be even difficult to read for some people. You must strive to follow the proper syntax and method of writing content, to attract and engage a wider audience of readers.
  • There are certain colours that you should avoid while producing content such as bright red and inky blue. This can make the message of your content unreadable and can also distract readers from the main message of the content as well.
  • In order to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are a success, you should use more content with the help of HTML email. This can also be seen as spamming because of spam filters, which are unable to read images.
  • You should not send out multiple recipients in the same company, as email service providers can consider it a spam attack due to the firewall of the email.
  • Designing an HTML email in Word is not a great idea and you should also not export code to HTML, because of the risk of spamming.

Conclusion: The online market will always keep buzzing about trends and video email marketing. This helps to draw attention from viewers as well as marketers across the world. Analytics of web pages and the engagement of user behaviour is great to analyze, as it is directly affected by certain video email marketing.