YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is among the most used platforms today. It’s available in over 100 countries. Moreover, according to a Pew Research Center report, over 85% of U.S. adults regard YouTube as an effective channel for learning new things. The same study further revealed that over 50% of U.S. adults believe that YouTube helps them make purchase decisions. YouTube is a powerful digital platform that has the capability of shaping people’s purchase decisions. 

That’s how many businesses are considering YouTube as an effective medium for implementing their marketing strategies. 

As YouTube is an incredible platform for a video marketing strategy, you can capitalize on it and expand the reach of your business. 

So, are you excited to take your business on YouTube? If yes, then keep reading this article to derive more insights on it: 

Creating a YouTube marketing strategy 

Consider carrying out the following three tasks while creating a YouTube marketing strategy: 

1. Set specific goals 

2. Research about your audience

3. Outline your brand identity 

Each of the above tasks is essential in framing a comprehensive strategy for your business. 

Set specific goals

The goals that you set for your YouTube strategy will lead you to the right actions. 

You might have set specific goals with regards to YouTube, like increasing your subscribers, striking a specific watch time, or you can have some larger business goals, such as driving more traffic to your website or fostering conversions.

If one of your targets is to convince people to purchase more products, you can create product videos with a strong CTA that encourage viewers to check out your product pages. You can also consider offering a special coupon code to your subscribers. 

Following are a few types of videos that businesses usually create as part of their YouTube strategies: 

  • Product demo videos
  • Educational explainer videos 
  • How-to or tutorial videos
  • Testimonial videos 

Your goals have a huge part to play with your content in the YouTube videos. 

2. Research about your audience

When you don’t invest enough time in researching your audience, you might end up targeting the wrong audience. This may lead to poor engagement and very few views. 

Thus, it is wise to gain insights into your audience. You should keep your target audience in mind while crafting your YouTube marketing strategy. 

If you are having trouble identifying your target audience, consider knowing: 

  • Who invests in your services or buys your products
  • Who actively engages with your other digital marketing content

Then create content that your audience will enjoy watching. 

3. Outline your brand identity 

It’s a critical requirement that your brand should be consistent across every digital platform you use. 

You can’t have a fun and happening website and stern and serious social media presence simultaneously. It would not give out the right impression about your brand. 

Elements that shape your brand identity: 

  • Logos and designs
  • Colors
  • Language 
  • Fonts
  • Tone

These elements will have an impression on your channel branding, video script, video graphics, etc. 

When you take care of these basics, you can manage your channel more effectively. 

Managing your YouTube channel 

Following are some ways in which you can manage your YouTube channel well: 

Develop custom brand assets 

Usually, every good YouTube channel has a logo and a banner design. These design elements should reflect the business’s brand identity. 

For instance, Canva has the logo as its profile picture, and its captivating banner image aligns with its mission. 

Your channel thumbnail should have the following elements: 

  • Brand colors and fonts
  • Short but an engaging description of the video 
  • Graphics that aligns with the video theme

Channel’s About section

Apart from graphics, consider writing a striking description under your channels’ About section.  

Convey a compelling story about your brand, your mission behind starting this business, what viewers can expect from your channel, etc.; viewers should know who you are as a business and content creator. 

Upload your incredible video creations

Before you upload your video creations on YouTube, consider the following points: 

  • Look into what other successful channels create 
  • What questions do your customers have 
  • What are trending keywords 

Once you upload the video, do not forget to add: 

  • A suitable title to the video 
  • A video description 
  • Video tags

Also, consider adding target keywords in respective areas during the upload process. 

Reviewing your YouTube video performance 

An effective YouTube strategy is incomplete without analytics. 

You can use YouTube Analytics to keep a check on how everything related to your channel is performing. 

Using you can track video performance according to preset or custom periods. Track your views, subscriber count, watch time, etc. 

Video views, video click-through rate (CTR), and video engagement rate are metrics that you can track using YouTube Analytics. 


As discussed in the article, the benefits of YouTube’s marketing strategy are pretty significant. Thus, consider implementing your marketing strategies on this powerful platform. 

Consider all the points discussed in the blog while developing your YouTube marketing strategy as a beginner. Thereby, let your business expand and prosper.