web hosting services

In the previous article, we explained what Web Hosting is and how it can decide your business’s success. But now we will discuss different types of Web Hosting services existing that you may choose as per your business requirement.

There are basically 8 types of web hosting services, and the differences are in terms of the amount of storage capacity, server speed and reliability, control, technical knowledge requirement.

  1. Website Builders: If you lack the knowledge to create a website and technical skills required to develop and maintain a site, then Website Builders is the best choice for you. There are many online and offline website builders that you can opt as per your requirement.
  2. Shared Hosting: This hosting service is opted mostly by entry-level companies which want to share the cost to operate the server with other companies using the same server. Shared hosting services are affordable but are often criticised for slow speed. If another website is keeping your shared server engaged, then it will most likely keep your site down, or pages will load slowly. It is an ideal choice if websites using shared service do not receive a large amount of web traffic. Shared web hosting could cost you between $5 to $20/month.
  3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: It is a hosting service which is mostly perceived as a private or dedicated server; however, it is actually one physical server which behaves like multiple servers. VPS hosting provides more customisation and storage space but affects the performance of the sites sharing the same server space. Most VPS hosting services charge for CPU and RAM and the cost is between $50 and $200.
  4. Dedicated Web Server: Dedicated hosting ideal for the website owners that need more control over the server where the website is stored on. It is dedicated because you rent a physical server from a hosting company. Dedicated web servers always show better website performance because no other websites are sharing the server space. Dedicated servers cost $100 and above but are still affordable by many companies that receive high web traffic and good business.
  5. Cloud Hosting: Currently, a buzz in the World Wide Web, Cloud hosting enables companies to utilise the resources available online. In Cloud hosting, individual servers work together as one big server using combined computing resources. If you use this service, then building and maintaining your own computing infrastructure is not required because you consume as much computing resources as you need, which is spread across several servers. Thus, it reduces the chances of a server malfunction. It is ideal for websites which are continuously seeing a rise in web traffic. However, it is a very expensive hosting service that might cost you around $500 or more per month.
  6. Colocation Web Hosting: In this type of hosting, you don’t only purchase your own server, but you are responsible as well for the server. The reason why it is called as Colocation because you “Co-Locate”, or in simple words, you rent a web host’s facilities and place your server instead of keeping it in your private space. In this hosting service, you need to take care of the hardware, software and services but also gain full control of the server.
  7. Managed Hosting: A managed hosting service provider offers dedicated servers and required hardware to a single customer and manages those systems on behalf of the customer. Right from hardware and software setup and configuration, everything is managed by the hosting provider.
  8. Self Service Web Hosting: This hosting is very similar to Colocated hosting. The only difference is in Self Service Web Hosting you don’t have to rent a web host’s facilities. Instead, you install and configure the hardware and software, and make sure there are sufficient power supply, cooling, bandwidth and backup. This option is suitable for business owners who want complete control on the server and proper function of the website without any interruption. In case of any malfunction, the owner need not have to get in touch with a service provider to place a request for fixing the server.

Looking at all these 8 webs hosting service, you can decide which one is the most suitable service provider for your business. Or you can become a part of ONPASSIVE as a founder and enjoy the web hosting services for free. ONPASSIVE is an emerging network technology leader which provides services like domain name registration, web hosting, website builders, automated marketing tools and AI-equipped customer service solutions.