Community-driven AI

If data is the new oil, then we can call that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new electricity. The problem each person in implementing AI faces is the need for data and the required talent to support the integration of AI in any organization. Many companies are trying to develop and implement several AI strategies in the future. Still, here in the present, we witness many cases of automated decisions used in the public sector that is failing us.

The main question is, “who is monitoring and evaluating these systems assuming they are doing the job?” Who better than the community and businesses we have in place to do this?  The answer is community-driven AI is capable of accelerating the innovation in the same way open-source has impacted on the internet. I think it’s vital to build reliable systems and should employ not only engineers but different specialists in the decision-making process.

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Why Community-driven AI is the future?

Empowering Youth and Sharing knowledge

With today’s rapid technological advancement, digital courses, and available tools, talent is found everywhere, and it can be accessed easily at any point in time. For instance, for the machine learning project, there are around 50 highly engaged junior ML engineers developing the product. Tasks are given in the community, and students can start working on those tasks under the supervision of a mentor. The outcomes will be beyond expectation, better than any system we are aware of, on analyzing the problem and finding a suitable solution for it.

Building Trust and Respect in the community

A community can also aid to build trust. Businesses that emerge from communities share common values, beliefs, and often a similar vision that serves the ever-lasting interests of those communities. This helps to build more trust and makes people more willing to use such systems and share their data, something which is missing these days in products produced by large corporations. Since everybody works remotely, we need to trust each other more if the condition demands. We understand that a person cannot be free all the time. Thus we compromise our time according to others, and this builds respect for each other.

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Driving companies to build a genuinely communal product through diverse opinions

When it comes to implementing AI in businesses, communities across the world establishing different values and perspectives are required to build great products that inspire us and solve complex problems in today’s and tomorrow’s digital world. Products that are developed from diverse opinions end up being more broad and appealing to a larger audience. It is said that everyone can share their ideas to help solve an issue at hand, and this is great as we get to look at the issue from various perspectives. It is quite productive to work where people from different areas come together, share their knowledge and ideas, and bring a lot on the table.

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Reducing the Cost of development using Community-driven AI

The salaries of data scientists are immensely high; for example, a data scientist in California earns somewhere around $150,000 and more. While on the other side, there are young junior Machine learning engineers and data scientists, who find it hard to work on real-world projects. Through this approach, we can integrate the best of both worlds. A model like this can decrease the cost of development by one-third to one-fifth, therefore making the technology more accessible.

This is the main idea behind community-driven AI development. The idea of people coming together to find solutions not only makes the problem look effortless but also provides various perspectives and innovative strategies to approach the issue because brainstorming yields fruitful results when people from multiple backgrounds and cultures come together.

This is what the future of work in businesses everybody aspires to build—a community where work is distributed, transparent, equal, and trustworthy. Companies can create a better work environment.

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