Email Open Rate Optimization

Everyone might talk about funny tweets, fast-tip videos or DIY videos, and those crazy memes – however, still there’s one way that continues to stay most compelling after all these years: emails. Above 56% of the worldwide population use the internet, and merely about everyone got an existing email id. Therefore, the significance of email in today’s digital world is higher than ever.

If we look at an efficient email marketing strategy of the 2000s, those strategies might not work in 2020 any further. Due to the increase in the number of spam messages in 2019, there’s a possibility that your direct sales offer sent to the inbox gets marked as spam and stays unopened forever.

The difficulty, then, is to create an email campaign that is as appealing and educational as other marketing mechanisms that get consumed in this age of social media and apps.

Below mentioned are a few of the 2020 email marketing goals your business need to grow:

1. Increase your open rates:

Every industry has its open email rate, but an overall average of 17.8% over the billions of email send worldwide. Nevertheless, it would be best if you look at the open rate of your domain to know better where you are supposed to target.

To increase your open rate above and beyond the average industry rate, you should improve and renew the following aspects:

  • Subject content to enhance your email attraction and create urgency.
  • An email should allow the user to see the sender of the mail; such action personalizes the conversation.
  • An email should always have a preview content option, which explains the reader very clearly what this email is all about.

People tend to open a personal email, and by taking care of the elements mentioned above, you won’t be surprising the reader with your email, thus, creating an instantaneous association with your reader is critical because they won’t be reading it entirely until they find it to be interesting.

It will help if you do anything to cherish more personal communication. That implies signifying transparency regarding who is sending the emails and what is the content inside the mail.

2. Start automated campaigns:

Automated campaigns don’t mean you need a bot who will automate the email campaigns process on your behalf, wishing your customers on festivals with a personalized email, and their birthdays would build excellent brand value.

3. Start with simple automated Email campaigns:

  • Start sending every subscriber or consumer a personalized welcome email with all the required details.
  • Start an automated email campaign of gratitude where you will be making your customers feel special by sending them a thank you email for any of the activity they do.
  • Send the details of every transaction to your customer via personalized email. Maybe receipts or service invoices.
  • Make your customers feel special on a special day; start practicing sending a personalized email on their birthday or any festivals.

Automated email campaigns produce better open rates because they’re more appropriate and more consistent. Welcome mails can deliver an average of 50% of the open rate.

4. Connect with your subscribers:

Customers do get impressed when they feel a human connection in the mail. Start segmentation of your consumer based on demographics like area, gender, generation, and interests.

Your email should appear more similar to a conversation. Hence, assume that you are writing content for one person. Always try to include warmness in your writing skill, start reviewing your email content, and rewrite them in a better and personalized style.

To conclude, start setting up your email marketing goals with the proper target of the open rate that you want to achieve. Focus on the aim to enhance your conversion, and few other goals which you can keep in consideration are: mobile-optimized emails, membership programs, improve your click rate, Add conversational interaction, or call-to-action in your mail, accessible emails, etc.