ONPASSIVE IT solutions

We have come across many b2b sales strategies encapsulated by the idea of ‘Land and Expand’ in the pursuit of that elusive customer satisfaction and customer relationship. So how do you apply the land and expand strategy in the context of selling a relatively unknown but potent ONPASSIVE IT solutions product?

Let us start by delving deep into the land and expand strategy, to begin. It is a strategy that implies first ‘get your foot in the door’ and then make an attempt to expand your products or services throughout a company.

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Exceptional Product:

Here in this context, we all know that ONPASSIVE IT solutions as a product are excellent, but our business relatively new and, therefore not very prevalent in the market. A vast majority of people or companies or organizations do not know who we are, how reliable we can be, and what the merchandise is capable of doing.

Well, despite you having superior sales skills and good connections, you need to take it slow. Progression is the key. Start small and take it up from there. The land and expand strategy comes to play here. Land and Expand strategy is one of the most prominent, practical tactics for creating, sustaining, and extracting value from a productive customer relationship.

Exemplary Service:

With this strategy, You land a small deal with an individual, business, company, or organization. Make sure you have the bandwidth to serve that company better than your competitors ever could, after landing that first deal. Through exemplary service, build a stable, productive, and long-lasting relationship with that business or individual. Remember, you are here for the long run, and your goal is the ultimate prize of the customer relationship.

Once you have established toe-hold, broaden your horizon and aim for big. The customer-centric philosophy and trust is the core of land and expand. If you need your customers to trust you with increasingly significant projects, You have to deliver on the promises you make and work consistently.

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Customer Support is the key:

Always be there for your customers in every way you can. If they have questions and queries regarding your product, be quick and comprehensive in answering them. If there are any problems with your product or service, ensure to address them at the earliest.

Strive hard to make your customers feel important. Treat them as a priority. Most of all, give them the service they wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Always keep this mentality in mind when implementing this the land and expand strategy, and you will be in a stable position with Customer relationship.

And lastly, the success of your Land and Expand depends on a lot of little things coming together. It is the product, customer success, the onboarding experience, technical support, finance to work with the business in terms of understanding the cost, understanding retention, and customer life cycle that all work in perfect synergy to deliver the ultimate customer relationship.

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