GoFounders Portal

Hi there!

In this article, we will be discussing the various aspects of the brand new and improved GoFounders.net portal! GoFounders is the ultimate business opportunity for any small scale business to expand itself and improve its overall sales and profits.

Here is a quick GoFounders Review explaining the new features added to the portal which are:

  • Dashboard:

This is the main landing page of the GoFounders website, where you get an overview of everything new added on the platform. Some of the different metrics which are included on the website are:

  • Announcements
  • Webinars
  • Community
  • My Team
  • My Invitees
  • Total Founders

Apart from this, there are quick links for the ONPASSIVE blog and links to social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram.

  • My Invitations:

This is the section of the portal where you can check out your sent invitations and also create brand new email templates. You can also select your email template, your information, and also enter the information of the invitees.

  • My invitees:

This is the part of the portal where you can check out your webinar invitees, broadcast your message to the invitees, and you can also export CSV files as well.

  • My team:

This section of the portal includes an overview of all your team members, such as pending founders, broadcast and you can also export CSV files.

  • Team Summary:

This section gives you all the required information about the entire team, including the total number of founders, in your team as well.

  • Leaderboard:

This gives a live ranking of a leaderboard contest with the founder’s name, the country they are from, and the number of referrals that they have come up with.

  • Marketing campaigns:

This is the section where there are countless marketing strategies for marketing campaigns with better results. You can refer to them to evaluate and even apply them to your business.

  • Tutorials:

This is the section where there are video tutorials for you to refer through on how to get started with your business with a great model.

  • Testimonials:

This section of the portal includes genuine reviews from GoFounders. This is a good section to seeing genuine customers, give their feedback.

  • My Profile:

This section of the website is where you can view and edit details in your profile, such as your name, email address, phone, user id, country, sponsor name, and date!

We hope you found this article interesting! Thanks for reading.