Google Search Console- Improve SEO Using It

Every growing business should have a website to gain a user's presence in the current digitalized world. In addition, SEO compliant websites enhance Google's ranking.

Before getting into know the various ways, Google search console enhances SEO, let us get to know initially about it.

Google search console:

Google search console is a free system developed to track your website's search engine optimization. In this regard, it can track the keywords, crawlability, indexing etc. Though many people don't use it, it is a rich source of improving the SEO ranking of your website. 

Google search console is vital to know important information about your website. Moreover, it can help identify any technical issues, the scope of improvement, and necessary metrics to know the performance. 

As you get along with this blog, you will find how Google search console can help achieve it. Let us explore the details : 


Initially, know the keywords that drive traffic to your website. The method to learn the keywords is to go to the traffic section in the console. This will help enhance your website's ranking for those specific keywords and will help to build content accordingly.

Post identifying those popular keywords, the next step would be to enhance the performance by identifying the traffic, ranking for each keyword, and Click-Through Rate(CTR). 

Indexing and crawlability 

As new pages keep building, Google usually indexes them. In some instances, it might not be so. So, it is significant to make sure that all the pages of your website are crawled and indexed properly. How to do it? Find your web pages on Google's database and what you have. Compare them, and if you find a huge difference in the count of pages, initiate to correct the fault as quickly as possible. 

Navigational steps include the following: Go to the search console dashboard and go to the index status section, wherein you can check the index status of the pages. If you find that some pages have missed indexing, one can do it by clicking 'Fetch as Google'

Technical issues : 

Solving technical issues using the console is now easy. All that you need to do is use the fetch and render tool. The broken links or code errors can be solved using the console. The HTTP error messages will help solve them easily. Thereby, the site's performance is increased. 


'Manual action' section is where you check for a penalty in case if you are hit by it. Before it can happen, it is significant to identify the issue and what caused it before Google sends you the notification. 

Email alerts provide information about the change in targeted keyword's ranking. The console enables to set off such alerts, which help stay focused on the significant changes happening across various other websites. Consequently, it helps you to remain competitive concerning the top ranking on the major search engines. 


To know the performance of the web pages, all that one needs to do is click on the Performance" tab in the console. This showcases how your pages appear on the Search engine results page (SERP). Speed index serves as a primary factor to know the website's performance. If you notice that the speed is not up to the expected level, it is time to work upon it immediately. 


By this time, you must have set an idea of how Google search console is significant to enhance the SEO ranking of any website.

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