IP geolocation

It is possible to determine the physical location of a computer or a device on the internet with the help of its IP address. Such a process is known as IP geolocation, and it has a lot of applications. It is helpful for a business to understand the market and its customers. It helps them customize their website content and products for them. Parents can also keep tabs on their children’s activities through this. IP geolocation is also used by law enforcement agencies to track criminals. 

The IP addresses approximate the location of people tracked and do not give the exact location. It is done with the help of tables where IP maps a particular location in question. 

Understanding IP Geolocation

IP addresses do not reveal the person’s identity or exact address. It can only reveal the locality of the device or the area in general. This technological feat is done with the help of geolocation software that points out the region of the device used, along with its zip code, to narrow down the accuracy. 

Many businesses want to improve their sales and increase their customers through IP geolocation. This may be the perfect solution for them as it helps them gain better insights and more sales. Let us look at some key benefits of IP geolocation in your business. 

  • Customer base

IP geolocation helps in segmenting your customer base effectively. Several eCommerce websites utilize this feature to segment and market their customers efficiently. For instance, the version of an eCommerce website in the UK will look different from the same website in the USA. It is a vital feature that online services use to grow their businesses. 

  • Localized content

IP geolocation helps improve sales with localized content because a study showed that around 65% of consumers prefer content in their language. The study also revealed that 40% of customers will not buy if they do not have this option. Therefore, geolocation technology helps open opportunities for local promotions and expand the business within and outside the local market. 

  • User Experience

IP geolocation technology can improve the overall experience of your customers and can retain them effortlessly. This technology helps you better understand your target audience, which ultimately enables you to consistently refine your products, making them available for the customers. You can make required adjustments related to specific regions when it comes to your services and products. 

  • User Traffic

This technology helps businesses understand user traffic and helps them direct in the right direction with the help of various business strategies. IP geolocation tracks traffic based on the device and location. It enables you to target local customers and segment your audience on the basis of device usage. 

How Does Geolocation Work?

The IP address of an internet user is shared with a website that they access through their mobile phone or computer. The IP address is in the form of a coding script. The IP address geolocation uses the database to determine the IP range that falls within the address to locate the area of the user. The approximate geographic location is determined through this technology to help businesses understand their target audiences. 

There are several practical uses of IP address geolocation technology for a business. A company can easily access a user’s IP address once they connect to the company’s website. Demographic data, geographic location, connection types, and other prominent insights are accessible to the company through IP geolocation. 

OTRACKER — The New Revolutionary Tool

Geolocation allows us to identify websites, personalize content, detect online fraud, and more based on IP addresses mapped to physical locations. ONPASSIVE has developed an AI-powered website tracking tool, OTRACKER. This tool is not only an expert in IP geolocation but also has other unique features. One of them is a heat map, with features of a scroll map and click map. This feature helps you understand where your user is spending most of their time on the website. It helps in content optimization and improves user engagement. 

OTRACKER is a cutting-edge web analytics tool that helps your organization comprehend user behavior and enables you to identify patterns to make data-driven decisions. This will help improve your brand’s website and boost user traffic. The real-time analytics will help you with user profiling, enabling you to improve your product and services as per the user’s requirements.

Final Thoughts

IP geolocation is a boon in this rapid digitization scenario, where accurate insights are becoming critical by the day. This technology is assisting businesses to understand their customers and connect with them in an effective manner. It helps you understand the user traffic and segment your customers to improve your marketing efforts. 

OTRACKER helps increase your efforts in specific areas to improve your business sales with localized content. IP address geolocation is one of the several benefits of this tool that can effectively improve your sales and even retain your customers.

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