mobile marketing

Everyone has mobile phones of their own these days. It’s in the pocket and monitored throughout the day. How changing your marketing approach to Mobile Marketing will give your brand reputation and recognition? This article is a guide to know the insights about Mobile Marketing & How AI is enhancing Mobile Marketing.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing refers to cross-channel digital marketing activities where communication to customers happens directly on their mobile phones.

According to a study, 80% of internet user owns a smartphone and 60% of digital media host time is on a mobile platform. Mobile marketing is a disruptive way of engaging your customer to market your brand because of everything you needed a computer once to do can be done on mobile phones.

Methods Of Mobile Marketing:

  •  SMS (Short Message Service): SMS message is the traditional method of mobile marketing. According to the related target audience in the area, business sent a customised text to the customer’s phone.
  • MMS (Multimedia Message Service): Any mobile device compatible with MMS can receive messages along with media without an internet connection. MMS is also one of the traditional methods of Mobile Marketing.
  • QR Codes: Quick Response code is one the new way of marketing, when you scan a QR code it redirects a consumer directly to a website with advertisement or promotion on the page.
  • Location-based marketing: Company sends a customised message on the consumer’s phone based on area search optimisation tool.

By organising a mobile marketing strategy, companies incorporate a disruptive marketing plan. The organised methods of mobile marketing not only keeps you intimately connected with your consumers but also contributes to essential behavioural information that will apprise multi-channel efforts and boost your returns.

AI-based Mobile Marketing:

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mobile marketing developed tools which made the collection of customers browsing data simple and pattern recognition easier for marketing and advertisement.

AI assists marketers in automating various routine tasks and with the help of AI algorithms and data, bringing more personalised customer experience. AI-based software has become more efficient and reliable and below are the few benefits associated with AI-based mobile marketing.

  • Higher Impact: AI-based marketing tools have a more significant effect when compared to other platforms. Remarkable analytics tools help marketers manage a personal association with consumers and create a practical outreach plan for various audiences.
  • Customer Service Tools: AI-powered customer service tool is automated communication chatbots or virtual assistants that greet visitors and encourages the customers to buy the product and services. It also promotes self-service to customers which save time and also cost-efficient for the company.
  • Message Interrelationship: Based on the predicted consequence of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) AI algorithms can analyse patterns and relationships between various factors. AI-driven analytics can build a closed-loop relationship within message intervals and influence on the business’ KPI.
  • Automated Messaging: Triggering of the right message at the right time to the right customers made easy. AI automates the recognise and sending of messages cancelling the effect-less prediction, based on customer browsing patterns AI finds and posts the most significant text to the consumers.

AI-powered tools can analyse and advance up the work of digital marketing. AI enhances a large number of data into beneficial penetrations and helps to increase the brand name. AI empowers marketers to bridge the gap between the company and the target audience. AI technologies have improved so much that consumers might not even discern that they have been communicating with a machine. There are several concerns amongst different marketers. They can take advantages of the tools available in the market, which converts raw data and target the KPI. AI-based Mobile marketing is an excellent and best investment to market a brand and targets the right consumer at the right time.