Small businesses

The online world is like an ocean where big fish eat small fish. Day-by-day and year-by-year, it’s becoming challenging for small companies to survive. High competition leads to a low success rate for companies that fail to upgrade their tools and services. New technologies are futuristic and, at the same time, unaffordable for small business owners.

ONPASSIVE is an IT company that creates and publishes business automation tools integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) with an objective to sync and optimize business operations with high efficiency. These tools are made available to the users free of cost. We will explain “How and Why” later.

First, let us understand how AI tools could help small companies to evolve and compete with big players:

  • High Engagement with Human Touch: The first thing small companies could do is make use of Chatbots, AI-driven self-help tools, and virtual assistants used for communication with customers. These bots are usually empowered with AI to identify customer issues and shoot a relevant solution, resulting in improved customer engagement. These bots also give a feeling of 24/7 availability of customer support, which increases trust and injects customer satisfaction into the system.
  • Forecast Future Needs and Customer Requirements: AI tools specialize in predicting customer needs by analyzing previous interactions, engagements, and customer behavior. It helps in building strategies to accommodate and personalize content for future communications and promotions.
  • Target Advertisements: As soon as AI tools are installed into business operations, different data points are automatically created to capture and analyze data received through new channels.

The AI breaks down received data into relevant information to define target audiences based on their demography, locations, interests, and past interactions. Once the target audience is defined, then the content is auto-customized for individual customers to provide a personalized experience.

  • Auto-Recommendations: You might have observed e-commerce companies displaying recommendations of products purchased together or similar items. AI makes it easier to record each customer’s behavior on the website and displays such recommendations when other customers do a similar search. At the same time, AI enables displaying of products on the home page, which were searched or viewed by the customers earlier.
  • Sync with Search Engines: Since most of the popular and widely used search engines are already using AI, we recommend you to integrate AI for your website too. The objective should be to automatically identify best performing relevant long-tail keywords and auto-insert those on respective sections such as images, meta tags, product descriptions, company profile pages, etc. It will help to reduce SEO efforts and optimize websites with human involvement.

The benefits of AI tools are huge, and small companies could take advantage of AI tools to become the frontrunners. With the help of AI, small businesses could get relevant traffic on their websites for sign-ups. Lead generation would be much faster and effective. Sales would improve by tracking the order and delivery in real-time, followed by instant sales assignment without manually following up with sales assistants.

Now, coming back to how ONPASSIVE could help small companies by providing their AI-driven tools for free. ONPASSIVE offers advanced business automation tools only to the registered members of GoFounders.

Anyone who dreams of having a successful online business could register on the world’s most preferred team-building platform, i.e., GoFounders. Once the registration is complete, its members (also known as Founders) could access unlimited free AI-driven tools offered by ONPASSIVE for automating their business operations. These AI tools are very effective in terms of generating high revenue, better utilization of budget, high productivity, and synchronized business activities.

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