How Data Visualization Helps You Make Better Decision

When huge data is at hand, managing it and generating the expected results from the data holds tough. Visualization serves as an effective means to understand, assess and make decisions quickly.

Data visualization helps understand where things are attaining success and meeting downfall. Thus, it paves the way to focus and show more interest in the areas lacking progress.

What is Data visualization?

Data visualization is representing the data as graphs, pie-charts, maps etc. Moreover, adding colours, shapes and graphics to them indeed gains user attention. Significantly, the highlighting feature helps to grab things quickly compared to expression through words.

What are the essentials to generate an effective data visualization? The data and the graphics have to correlate with each other; they cannot exist individually. A simple graph might look dull, while fully overloaded graphics might leave the audience puzzled and uninterested.

To perform quick analysis, make better decisions, and perform immediate actions, Let us study some of the factors to be considered for executing enhanced data visualization.

Factors for effective Data visualization

Appealing headings

The first and foremost factor to consider is to generate effective headings. It should be appealing and should interest the user to get into the details. Moreover, using competitors level, efficient levels and average levels helps to understand your overall performance. Using suitable colour comparisons help to rate oneself easily.

Bar graphs/chart

In our childhood, we must have studied the bar graph. Maybe we might not have understood its importance at that time. But, now, for example, when it requires generating a year wise report for the electricity consumption over the past ten years, what would you do? Here comes the practical implementation of the bar graph that you have studied. A bar graph generation might sound good enough compared to detailed report generation. With a single glance, one might assess and know all the facts concerning it.

Use tables

Along with the bar graph, one best way to understand things easily is to use a tabular format. Instead of placing the data serially, it is suggested to create a table with suitable columns. Such tables create effectiveness as they help analyze and come to a decision quickly and easily.

Having understood the few essentials let us know how data visualization can influence content marketing

Content marketing

With immense competition in the market, businesses must perform something unique and outstanding to gain user applause, drive traffic and create leads. To address this, data visualization has emerged as one such significant marketing strategy to gain user attention.

Executing any action requires proper planning. Content marketing holds no exception to it. Devising a proper plan to carry out content marketing effectively can be known as content marketing strategy.

Quality content is sure to gain user applause. This includes interesting and appealing content that helps to meet the marketing intent. Data visualization added to it is definitely recommended for its effectiveness.

Few lines of visually depicted content is sure to gain the user attention and prompts the user to go into the details. By using data visuals in a sufficient amount, users are more likely to navigate to the landing page.

At this juncture, no doubt ONPASSIVE’s O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) helps built customers base knowing their interests and disinterests. Having gained them, one can retain them by implementing data visualization in marketing the content. This being said, O-Post, an AI-driven tool, is an effective email marketing tool to meet email marketing. Making digital visualization a part of it is sure to increase customers.


In this busy world, everyone expects to avail themselves of the best within a short time. This also holds absolutely true in the case of any product or service procurement. What holds the user attention while browsing any product or service over the internet. It is truly the genuineness and the attraction of the content depicting the product. The way it is presented creates a difference,

Data visualization of the content speaks more than 100 words and drives user actions positively towards making the right decisions.