Over the past few years, we have seen a massive advancement in technology. Every time a new tech is born, we see it getting applied to various industries. Artificial intelligence is the most popular technology of this decade, and it is helping in solving some of society’s most challenging adversities and provides a safer, healthier and more prosperous world for all. 

We’ve already shared some of the exciting possibilities in the fields of EducationBusinesses in our blog section. But there may be no field where the chances are more exciting than education and skills. In the last blog, we have seen how AI is helping in learning. Today we’re going to see how AI is assisting teachers in making a child’s life brighter:

From personalised learning to adapting learning methods and materials to meet the needs of individual students, AI is a new guru of teaching. Find below the impacts of AI in education:

Teaching Assistants in Classrooms

With the increase in the advancement of AI technology, we have plenty of benefits that can be applied in teaching. AI teaching assistant can help teachers in curating lessons based on individual student’s needs. AI in teaching can collect data on individual student’s learning activities and provide predictions of student’s success or failure, identify difficulties in learning, and suggest where extra attention is needed.

eins.ai is a holistic AI-based learning solution provider. Their system is designed to operate through a smart interactive interface with the help of a human teacher. The core functionality of the AI here is focused on being an assistant to a teacher. It has facial recognition that can recognise students and automatically mark the attendance, assign grades, develop learning curriculum and provide personalised exercises for each student.

Intelligent Teaching Systems

Most kids struggle in math. Carnegie Learning’s MATHiaU is a math coach to students that helps in providing cognitive math solving solutions. It provides students with the potential to learn more conveniently and more personalised modes of learning. It is easy-to-use and affordable for institutions that meet the needs of the students. The bot will also provide constructive guidance to students through sample problems to analyse and learn the method of solving. 

Chat bots in Classrooms

Chat bots are engaging and learn new things on their own with the help of adaptive learning. It entertains better knowledge and user experience. CourseQ is a chat bot that can help in answering student’s queries in real-time. Commonly, students forget things that are taught in the past. Instead of memorising right before the exam, chat bots help in smartly remembering the topics.

Botsify is another education chat bot with a similar pattern. It displays a specific topic to the students in the form of text, images, and videos. Students can take help of this bot to learn smarter, and once they are through a topic, they can take up quizzes and see where they are doing wrong, and teachers can monitor this to assure that the kid is getting necessary attention in a particular topic.

AI is the future, and digital teachers can change the world and education. AI-enabled teachers can bring new methods of teaching and help students have a better chance of getting a quality education. Institutions need to train the machine based on the things to be taught, and the AI instructors will work as they are programmed.