Have you found someone who is just right for your network marketing business but not sure how to approach them with your brilliant business plan? Well, you’re in the right place, hope you would check that person off your list and learn how to move forward with a prospective client by the end of this blog. 

Creating a good first impression is highly important for anyone who is approaching a client and this is a basic trait that everyone is aware of. But, what are some other traits and strategies one must build to bring in the prospects? 

Here are some of the tips that would help you next time you approach someone:

Look Beyond Friends and Family

It is important that you start learning to talk to strangers. We do understand how uncomfortable it is to approach strangers. Here are a few tips that would give you a little motivation, start with a compliment about something like: “love your shoes”, “That’s a nice sweater”. Move with the conversation and ask them basic questions like where they got it and such. You might get a few bad responses but, never bother because you have to make it happen.

Be a Good Listener

When you start a conversation and that person is moving along, don’t ask many questions. Remember one question at a time. Be a good listener, understand what they’re telling and wait until they finish. The aim is to make a new acquaintance first, then a prospective network marketing client. Once you get used to this principle, getting them to talk about a business opportunity can be very simple. 

Way of Approach

Know how to talk about your network marketing business. Act like you are busy, never stand idle on a road or a subway and wait for someone to walk down your path. People are attracted to a person whose hands are full and have something to do in their life. If they have to believe in what you are selling, they have to see how that product or business is benefiting you. Show them, don’t just tell them.  

Take Rejections as a Challenge

We have faced rejections many times and will continue to have it in the future. The secret is to learn how to handle it and turn it into a challenge. There are times when your network marketing clients will put you in a test to see how good of a leader you are. If they give a reason that “I’m not good at sales”, your next response should be something like “You might be right, but this opportunity doesn’t demand anyone’s sales profile, you just have to be coachable, do you see yourself coachable?”

It might take a day or two to improve your skills in approaching your clients. You will eventually build a natural rapport along the way.