How to Create a Wiki

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In this article, we will be looking at how you can effectively create a wiki, by collecting and sharing knowledge at work! We will be looking at ways of going above and beyond institutional knowledge and increasing your overall knowledge base as well. Every single organization today, needs to collect and gather knowledge, collate material from various sources and also share their experiences and insights. Many companies will achieve this successfully by using Wikis, especially with web pages that can be worked on by multiple users.

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Let us look into understanding what a wiki is before we look into how to create a wiki.

A wiki is simply a website or an online resource that can be effectively edited by multiple users and there are many popular wikis online. The most popular one of these is Wikipedia, which is also publicly accessible and others are used by organizations in managing information in-house and enables teams to share knowledge and work together much more effectively than ever before.

There are countless advantages of wikis, as they can be a very efficient method of gathering and distributing information. This can improve collaboration among team members who would need to refer or work on the same material. Wikis are particularly useful for virtual teams and improve co-operation in tasks, by sharing notes and improving suggestions and also contributing resources. There are several authors who can work on the same piece of work and a wiki can also improve version, as it becomes clear which version is the most edited and recent one.

Wikis are also excellent as they can be set up temporarily in supporting discrete projects and also help to develop long term solutions, as part of a technological ecosystem.

How to create your very own Wiki for your business?

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There are very simple steps that you need to follow to create your own Wiki:

1. Choosing your own technology:

Your organization will already play a huge role in creating an amazing wiki, using tools such as SharePoint in Office 365 will help you easily set up wikis too. There are also add-ons for Google Docs which will let you design and share wikis with your team. You may also allow you to post information that others can adopt, you will be able to save time and effort in reducing the need to train others as well.

You need to decide to bring in new technology, which is best and there are both free and paid-for options and there are many systems which allow you to design, your own wiki in full. Some automated systems allow you to design your own wiki, which helps others provide templates. There are many organizations which use systems to redefine the approach to wikis,  whenever the information has been changed as well. Some work management tools which can help you manage high-value people who are outside your host organization.

2. Setting up controls:

When you create a wiki, you will also consider the various levels of security that will require, whether you need to put in your name. Pay particular attention to data security, which can help you to liaise with your IT department in ensuring that anything you set up is in compliance. You can also decide who will have access to read and edit your wiki, and just how much you will want to use. You can give our style points for a select group of users, with the help of important guidelines and help to edit their own or other people’s work.

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In conclusion, this is how to create a successful wiki by creating, collecting and sharing knowledge with your team members. Creating a wiki is one of the best strategies that you can employ as a business to help you with your business strategies. By following the various types of methodologies that we have mentioned above, you too can get started with creating a wiki to help inform your general audience about any other information that they should know.

We hope you found this article informative in understanding just how to create a great wiki, by collecting and sharing knowledge at work. Learning how to create a wiki will help you to create a successful wiki so that you seem more knowledgeable and a verifiable source. Good luck in creating your very own wiki for your business, we wish you the best of luck!

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