Customer Engagement

In a race of a multitude of business solutions being offered today, you must be equipped with a strategy that is both exciting and engaging. As excitement is an emotion that evokes engagement from the customer’s end. A study states that excited and engaged customers are potential profit makers, as they bring in 23% more profits. Thus, many executives today are focusing on developing a formal engagement program. 

You should get innovative with your customer engagement strategy. This article outlines 7 innovative ways in which you can excite and engage your potential customers with your brand and achieve sustainable business growth

1. Offer behind-the-scenes content 

Offering content like behind-the-scenes has a great potential to give a different perspective about your brand to your customers. It can help you humanize your brand. 

You can utilize social media channels for sharing stories of your employees and their experiences working with you. 

Or you can go ahead a step and offer a more engaging experience to your customers. 

Take an example of Disney, it offers “Behind the Scenes” tours to let customers explore the “magic” being created by the brand. The main motive behind such tours is that it presents an unseen, unknown side of the company to the audience. It is the way by which the brand exhibit how it is bringing change in the world by serving various minority causes. Additionally, it offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to its audience. 

2. Bring users together by launching conferences 

You can create an emotional connection with your customers by bringing them together in the form of various gatherings like conferences and meet-ups. It provides a memorable experience to your potential customers and you can build brand loyalty in return. 

Harley-Davidson, for example, has facilitated user gatherings through long-held ‘brandless. This initiative has helped the brand increase its sales by 20%. 

Such events need to be refreshing, where people are coming and enriching their life experiences while building a relationship with the brand

3. Make surveys a norm 

Your marketing team should be well equipped with the relevant data about your customers. Conducting regular surveys with the help of proper analytics can work well to interpret data and thereby, implement required changes. 

However, surveys can be cumbersome at a times. Thus, you need to get a bit creative with it. For instance, instead of asking for filling out a lengthy form, you can provide a simple yet significant question, thereby receive the right response. 

Going beyond regular surveying modes, you can put a quick poll on social media. Also, casually ask a few questions while following up with customers. Take into account this data to learn and improve your performance. 

4. Switch on the personalization mode

Adding a touch of personalization have great returns especially if you want better engagement with your customers. 

Let’s look at successful brands like Netflix and Amazon, their personalized approach has helped them stand out in the competition. 

Amazon’s Alexa is a great example of personalization. she understands customer needs in a better way that makes user’s experience easy. 

5. Create an impression with unique packaging 

A report presented by the American Psychological Association has revealed that first impression forms in 39 milliseconds. interestingly enough, if an opinion is formed, it tends to have a firm holding. Even when contradictory information is provided, a person might retain the first impression. 

Thus leading brand like Apple is providing an incredible ‘unboxing’ experience to its users. It created a secret packaging room that provides customers with a special and memorable experience while opening the box. 

You can create amazing unboxing experiences by using beautifully crafted packaging. Brands like Google and Shopify are keen on offering creative packaging solutions. 

6. Focus on adding purpose to brand value

To make a mark and stay in the hearts of customers, you need to focus on adding purpose to your brand value. It’s a way by which you create an impression among customers, especially young ones that your brand is about value creation and just about profit-making. A study has shown that about 73% of customers are willing to support a company that has something meaningful to offer. 

IKEA is creating a positive image among its users with its environment-friendly cause. It procures 50% of its wood from sustainable forest bodies, deploys solar panels, and limits water usage in its stores. 

Seventh Generation on the other hand focus on developing sustainable cleaning products. These brands are more welcoming because of their value creation aspect. 

7. Consider under-served niche for product development

It becomes easier for you to build trust and loyalty around your brand when you consider an under-served niche for product development. Let us take the example of Tesla for consideration; it has started to take an entry in the mass market with its less expensive model. Its eco-friendly and technologically innovative models are attracting today’s youth. Thus, there is no harm in focusing on the under-served niche for product development


The customer engagement strategy is crucial for your brand not just to attract new customers but to retain existing customers in a long run. This article has explained 7 innovative ways in which you can excite and engage potential customers with your brand. By taking account of these ways, you can boost your brand value and achieve desired business growth.