You’re about to promote a big launch of a new product, but here’s the thing: You know there are many, many other affiliates who are going to promote this launch, too. And obviously some or maybe most of the people on your mailing list are also on at least one other list that will be promoting this launch. 

So how do you make the sales, rather than your competition?

One way is to offer a great bonus. Let your list know ahead of time that if they buy from you, they’ll get the bonus.

Another way and one that doesn’t involve fancy bonuses are simple to mail first.

Most launches announce ahead of time when they’re going to go live. If you’re going to be away from your computer at that time, then you can schedule your email to go out at the time of the launch. It may or may not go out at exactly the right time, and sometimes launches can be delayed. So the very best method is to send the email yourself.

Simply write your email ahead of time and get it ready to send. Then continually refresh the sales page until you see it go live, and then immediately send out your broadcast. The reason you want to refresh the page rather than rely on the product seller to email you is that sellers tend to mail to their own list first, and then notify their JV partners. This way they get to make more sales themselves by being the first to email.

Refreshing the page so you know the moment the promotion goes life will get you more sales by being the first to mail. And if you’re willing to mail several times, you’ll get even more as people who were on the fence decide to get the product.