Editorial Calendar vs Content Marketing Strategy

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In the previous article, we have learned how to create a content marketing strategy in 5 easy steps. Now, we will be looking at how your editorial calendar is different from your overall content marketing strategy!

It is because of the crucial difference between an editorial calendar and is not the same as a content marketing strategy. Getting the two confused between the two of them is wrong and can prove to be costly to your overall business plan.

So, How Do You Exactly Define a Content Marketing Strategy?

Editorial plans are not quite sound in their strategy and your team must have a consistent strategy. It must be capable of answering a few crucial questions, which are:

  • The type of people we are educating and helping out.
  • How we can help out?
  • How to make content marketing more successful?

Research has indicated that around 37% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy! The rest are going unaware and this is not a proper strategy that must be implemented.

When your strategies have a content mission, there should be a deeper understanding of personas and the goals which are attached to it.

How is an Editorial Calendar Different From a Content Marketing Strategy?

Some of the major activities which can help in editorial planning and the different activities which are part of your editorial calendar are:

  • 5-7 key areas or categories for covering editorials.
  • The various topics that should be covered in those categories.
  • Defining the responsibilities of team members and understanding who will do what.
  • Which key pages require attention and knowledge about the different opportunities to consider.
  • What type of content can be updated and republished and you can decide which types of posts can be republished.
  • A general content marketing strategy, evolving from an active social media platform.
  • Having a social media marketing plan and the measurement plan for having a template CMI for sharing insights on a monthly basis.

All of these major details are incredibly crucial and essential for being important and tactile. There is usually a high-level strategy which is incredibly necessary and you need an editorial plan to support it.

A content marketing program strategy without an editorial plan usually signifies that you would have an incredibly tough time. So you do not simply need to draw a vision to your new home.

When you have a strategy and a plan, this can help to create a comfortable home for being content marketing. When you have a plan but not a strategy, your content marketing program cannot live up to your vision.

In case you do not face any difficulties in your content marketing program, you can fine-tune the content marketing strategy especially for an editorial plan as well.

In conclusion, these are the major ways an editorial calendar differs in your content marketing strategy as well! Knowing the difference between both can be crucial in understanding which is more suitable for your business. We hope you found this article informative in understanding the best choice for your business. Thanks for reading!