Almost 28 years ago, when I was 8 years old, I got my first personal computer from my father. As a child I mainly played PC games, but I started to get acquainted with it. At that time, most people thought of a computer as something to play with, but my father said computers had a future. As you know, he was right. In addition to playing games, I learned a lot of things about computers, various programs, installing, even disassembling, repairing or building a brand new computer to my liking. As a result, I was always technologically ahead of most people, and was even the first Internet user. By the way, I was one of the first teenagers to use a cell phone. At that time my friends told me that it was unnecessary, expensive, and I would not call with it everywhere. However, the technology goes ahead and friends already have used many mobile phones, today also smartphones.

A few years ago, when I started my online business, I told my father that the future of work was on the Internet. I told him that people would not be able to work in factories, that many manual jobs would be abolished, also in offices, banks and wherever people could replace machines and artificial intelligence. At that time my father did not give me the truth. But today he sees that I was right. It’s happening. You see it everywhere. We are replaced by machines in what we once had to do manually. We are also replaced by websites, applications that equip everything instead of people behind the counter at the bank or at the offices! Nowadays even artificial intelligence communicates with us and informs us of everything we are interested in. That’s why I decided to make friends with artificial intelligence. I see the future in it as a father once in computers.

I have been involved in online network marketing for a long time. I don’t have to go to work every morning, listen to my boss, or worry about being dismissed. I’m the boss of myself. Network marketing brings me many new contacts and friends. I meet some of them personally, some of them I contact by phone and most of them I contact via social networks. Network marketing is based on contacts. But that’s not all. It is necessary to be able to lead people, be able to educate them, keep them informed, help them, and motivate them. I have experience and results in this area. But, what’s a big deal, most people don’t. They don’t have contacts, they don’t have knowledge and experience, they are not able to lead people, to motivate them and in most cases to provide correct information. But there is one thing that will solve it. Suitable products powered by artificial intelligence from ONPASSIVE. This saves a lot of time for everyone. Time is the most precious thing we have in our lives and I don’t want to rework it, but enjoy it.

Thanks to our artificial intelligence, people will know everything I know and even better! AI takes care of getting people from all over the world into their business. AI takes care of their registration, management and sales. Everything is fully automatic. ONPASSIVE is without a doubt the future of online marketing. It is the future of people who decide to do business over the Internet. And there will be more and more of them due to automation, robotization in factories and use of websites, applications and artificial intelligence in offices. If you want to work in online marketing, you will want to work with ONPASSIVE products and artificial intelligence. It will guarantee success for you; it will guarantee success for every person in your team.

So the question is, to make friends with artificial intelligence or not? I think the answer is clearly “YES”

I personally look forward to using ONPASSIVE products and it’s success. I don’t need to believe in this business. I know it will be successful! Why? Because ONPASSIVE is clearly the future of online business and artificial intelligence is the future of internet marketing. Technology will not stop. ONPASSIVE will not stop. It’s a lifetime business and for generations to come. It’s a business that all enterprising people dream of. It’s a truly unique business with a fantastic vision that only visionaries can see. Are you a visionary? I believe yes..