onpassive ai

What if we tell you that there’s an innovative marketing platform that you as a business owner can do wonders by just being in it? Yes, it is time for all the ONPASSIVE Founders to learn more about the AI-powered marketing tools. And, how are they helping businesses to grow from simple beginnings to game-changing success? 

In the past few days, we have learned about various features, uses and benefits of AI. In this blog, we’re going to introduce the tools that you can use on the ONAPASSIVE AI platform. AI has made a huge impact on all the industries. Below are some of the tools and how ONPASSIVE uses it to streamline the online marketing world.

AI-Powered Crowd funding Tool

People come up with innovative ideas every time. Every new idea has the ability to bring a change, but only a few ideas come to light. This is mainly because of the initial funding issues. A solution to this problem is by methods like crowd funding. ONPASSIVE AI marketing platform leverages AI to not only creates fundraiser campaigns but also to promote causes. The AI platform will be able to understand the nature of the campaign and is able to promote it on multiple channels at a time.

AI-Powered Email Marketing Tool

If you are new to Email marketing or want to know more benefits of email marketing, click here to know more. Everyone who’s familiar with email marketing understands the challenges in improving the effectiveness of email. Not to worry, because the ONPASSIVE marketing platform offers a tool to simplify and improve your email marketing strategies. AI-driven tools from ONPASSIVE will help you generate personalized emails to reach the right customers and analyse the reactions and engagement of each and every user to make it more effective.

AI-Powered Advertising Tool

With AI, ad marketing teams will be able to target the right customers and choose the right one for your business. ONPASSIVE advertising tools will help you create effective advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. With the help of AI-powered tool, customer’s interactions can be made consistent across various channels. The tool provides unique views into customer data which enables marketers to run more experiments and improve their advertising campaigns. 

AI-Powered Content Marketing

AI has the ability to create content on the spot. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, you keep hearing a lot about how important it is to implement artificial intelligence in your business. This is because AI can create and deliver content at scale while freeing up the team to focus more on important and creative tasks. ONPASSIVE AI tool will help you set the right tone for a certain customer audience. The more personalized is the content, the more engagement rate it earns. 

AI-Powered Mass Marketing Campaigns

Mass Marketing Campaigns are aimed at reaching out to the largest portion of the market whilst leaving out niche demographic differences. This will ensure reaching out to highest number of potential users. ONPASSIVE AI tool will help you streamline this process and ensures high sales volumes at a lower budget. With AI tools marketers will move from mass campaigns for a wider audience. One of the best ways to achieve effective mass marketing campaigns is by using AI. 

There are various other AI-powered tools ONPASSIVE is set to launch, stay tuned for more. These tools will help to streamline a lot of marketing activities and makes it easy for marketers to make their mark in the marketing world.