LinkedIn is the most professional platform for businesses. Those seeking interest in any business are more likely to know about any business if they carry an account. 

Free marketing options are huge on the LinkedIn platform. It is time to optimize the platform to derive maximum advantage. Why wait! Let us explore the key LinkedIn marketing solutions.

LinkedIn marketing strategy

LinkedIn company pages are the best places to provide detailed explanations about any topic and share thought leadership. The current character limit for a company page post is 3000 characters. 

Give place to the following as the key ideas :

  • Express about the industry standards, trends and shifts
  • Ask complex queries and provide relevant solutions 
  • Best place to share your company’s news

What if you have even more to say exceeding the 3000 character limit. No worries. LinkedIn options are now more enhanced with integrating the article feature into the company pages. With this an article can turn up with more than 100,000 characters. 

An article can include any useful information, including an interview of an influential person or an experienced person's view about a subject. 

Carousel posts:

Interested in creating slideshows? That is what LinkedIn carousel posts can perform. They provide the chance to showcase any special event with multiple slides that create more interest and engagement. 

The limit for business carousel slides is 300. LinkedIn has a significant feature. The carousel posts can be downloaded when the full-screen mode is enabled. 

Audience polls :

Audience polls lie as another better option for businesses to interact with customers. With the polls, businesses can provide an opportunity for users to respond to any multiple-choice questions.

Possible ways to gather audience poll:

Find out about audience goals

Know audience challenges 

Know about audience level of experience concerning a subject 

Measure audience opinion 

All these actions would cause users to take an interest in your business. Post delivering the poll, the results page enables users to reengage users in your business.

Comment settings:

 Businesses are always on the way to deliver engaging content to users. And, sometimes, chances do lie for the post to turn into spam. Such likelihood can be avoided with the option to disable the comment setting by selecting 'No one' in the 'who can comment on your post section'.

LinkedIn Live :

Lot has been heard about live streaming, and its significance is increasing day by day. B2B interactions using live streaming can happen with LinkedIn live in2022. Its past activities included virtual events hosting, display expertise etc.

All you need to do to use LinkedIn live is click on 'Submit an application' and await the responses. Once approved, you can start using it for promoting live events. 

LinkedIn video:

The best way to promote your content is through videos. The maximum time to showcase your business ideas through effective content is 10 minutes. How good are the audience at receiving your videos? Test the various possibilities with different time duration, and check what works fine. 

Analytics help determine the best time any user shows interest in the videos. 

Conclusion :

LinkedIn for business marketing is impressive. Of course, the role of various other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter is no less. They carry their unique features to execute marketing at best.

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