Google My Business

Despite many search engines out there, people typically incline towards Google. So it is essential to make your business easy to find on Google.

To understand the seriousness of having your business Google-friendly, we have lined up a stat here. As per a recent survey, 18 percent of local searches lead to a sale within a day. Google My Business is Google’s local business listing platform. Once you are on it, it is easier for people to find your business in their searches.

You can create a My Business profile that pops up right on the search page, complete with your address, phone number, and hours of operation. With this, people need not visit your website to get the information, or they need to visit you physically.

We suggest you take advantage of this essential tool for the betterment of your own local business with our own my business cheat sheet below in this write-up.

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1. Sign in with My Business:

Initiate the process by visiting the Google My Business website and sign in with a Google account. Create a new profile or choose from the featured business list that you want to claim. Let Google walk you through the process of updating your page and all of the relevant information from there. Google prompts you to verify your business by sending a code to the business address you have given that that you can add to your account.

2. Add all essential info:

Throughout the signup process, Google will ask you to choose a name, category, address, and other necessary information. There are over 2000 categories for you to prod over. It will impact how you can edit the rest of your listing, if not chosen wisely. Optimize the listing by adding a description of your business with relevant keywords. Design it well to attract people to your business.

3. Upload quality images:

Images have the power to say stories. Utilize that and upload 8-10 quality images of your storefront, products, menu items, or team. It will help you build a rapport with your audience and entice them for an actual visit.  

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4. Positive Reviews is the trick:

The best pointer of the cheat sheet for Google My Business is garnering positive reviews. In any local search, if a review consists of a relevant keyword, it becomes one of the most influential factors in ranking for local searches. Consider this as your SEO. Gain as many positive reviews as possible, and it is possible with exemplary customer service.

5. Respond to all Reviews:

In continuation to the previous pointer, respond to all your reviews on Google My Business Listing, on an ongoing basis. Your responsiveness builds positive customer attributes and allows you to address any concerns publicly.

6. Post content on an ongoing basis:

Another cheat sheet pointer to make your Google My Business listing fresh is to share content regularly. Even better if shared in another Google tool called Google Posts.  You can add blog posts, photos, and videos, special offers, and upcoming events in it as well.  

Through this cheat sheet collated to help you master Google My Business, we have some parting words to add here. Google My Business can influence how Google presents your business in search results and is also an excellent platform to mirror to the world and your customers that your reputation matters to you. Honestly, customers choose companies that have great reputations. With Google My Business, you are on the road to creating that success.

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