The power of artificial intelligence has made a significant impact on web design. There are a lot of professional website builders that utilize advanced AI technology. You need to choose the right one.

Using AI tools to Build Powerful Websites

Creating your own website may sound complicated, but today several different website builders use AI tools. It’s never been easier to build a great site with sophisticated AI tools.

Most website builders only need little to no coding skills, provide endless options of well-designed templates, and AI features to develop your site effectively. That being said, with so many benefits, it is not always clear which website builder suits you the best. Below are the tools and a few expert tips compiled for finding the right AI web design tool for your business.

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AI Tools You Need for Your Website

Chatbots – Virtual Assistant for Business

A chatbot is an AI tool that serves as an alternative for a communication channel between customers and your business.

Chatbots are beneficial because they work 24/7, save time, and increase customer experience. They help customers on your website and tend to all their queries to improve the interaction at the same time.

There is no need for you to answer the same questions every day with the help of a chatbot.

Nowadays, interaction with chatbots is the same as interactions with real professional assistants, plus people tend to like it when there is a chatbot at the other end.

Although many large companies, including Amazon, Apple, and eBay, use chatbots on social media and a few companies use chatbots on their websites such as Alibaba and Amtrak to help their customers choose the right products.

Voice Search-Enabled Website

Voice search is gaining considerable attention among users as internet browsing becomes faster than it was yesterday. It is estimated to grow in the future, and as more customers embrace voice search tools, businesses are looking forward to implementing voice search and help their customers find what they are looking for.

Voice search enables conversation between a business website and a user and hence improving the user experience even more.

Popular voice search solutions such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Google Assistant help customers find exactly what they need.

Many e-commerce businesses are optimizing their websites to implement voice searches that will soon be accepted. They are mainly interested in accommodating voice searches on their apps where the customers find it more comfortable to interact with the website


Crayon uses AI to track your competitor’s activities online, including its website, to provide valuable insights for your business. It helps you track your competitor’s entire digital footprint from updates on pricing to customer reviews and other marketing campaigns of the business ventures.

You can use the data gathered to decide how to design your website and what content to post. This helps you gain a competitive edge and keep yourself ahead of the pack on your site.

AmeriFirst is a Michigan-based mortgage lending business that uses Crayon’s market intelligence to gain its momentum in the business world by improving various aspects of its online presence and operations.

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Fuze is another company that uses Crayon AI to gain scalability and competitiveness in a very competitive industry.

Many businesses, especially startups, find it hard to create a website. They spend too much time and budget building a website. This is where ONPASSIVE helps businesses by implementing AI design assistants to build websites for you. It does so by determining the elements, sections, graphics, and design styles that suit your industry and all its motives.

ONPASSIVE AI tools then find what business you engage in and also about your customer preferences. Then it combines all the data to develop a website that is relevant to your business.

ONPASSIVE is going to help a lot of enterprises build their websites while providing excellent customer service. ONPASSIVE brings all these tools to your business, and you can benefit from an all-in-one AI platform to help your business grow.

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