A carpenter is simply as great as his tools, and the same is valid for online business owners. Fortunately, we live in an age of the internet where everyone with an internet connection and a laptop can build a business, as long as they have the proper tools to do so.

ONPASSIVE tools are one of the most recommended resources and AI-driven tools that you can use to develop and maintain your online businesses.

We’ve combined these suggestions into particular categories (like email marketing, project management, social media marketing, etc.) to help you effortlessly find the type of tool you’re searching for.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Your target consumers are consuming a lot of their time on social media, which indicates that you should be too. But scheduling your posts, managing your accounts, and increasing your following can be pretty time-consuming if you’re performing it all manually. ONPASSIVE’s social media tool helps you to deliver your social media strategy with ease.

ONPASSIVE social media marketing tool makes it super easy to control all of your social media accounts from one single dashboard. It also allows you to schedule your jobs to multiple accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This ONPASSIVE tool also produces real-time analytics to assist you in locating trends and understanding how your content is delivering.

It also helps you with your complete marketing strategy from one calendar, collaborate with your teams, and streamline your complete execution process in one place. It’s a simple marketing engine for your blog posts as well, enabling you to preschedule tweets and social media posts marketing your content as you’re publishing your post. It’s also an excellent tool to collaborate with your complete content schedule with your team.

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Unless you’re an experienced professional designer, the design is not something you should do yourself. ONPASSIVE tools are excellent for designing graphics that can be shared across all social media platforms – from Facebook images to Instagram or Twitter banners, and much more. There are loads of templates, fonts, styles, and background images to select from.

ONPASSIVE offers unlimited graphic design support. Endless revision requests, swift turnaround times, and no contracts. An excellent solution for bloggers, content creators, startups, and agencies with your regular graphic design requirements.

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Landing Pages & Email List Building

Require a sleek sales page for your service or product? Or possibly only a simple landing page to capture the contact details of your potential customers? Unless you’re an experienced web designer, don’t worry about building these pages from scratch.

ONPASSIVE provides you with a great tool for designing great-quality landing pages easily and swiftly. You can build landing pages utilizing any of the customizable templates and upload them on any platform, including WordPress and non-WordPress, and even Facebook as well. You will be able to do your very own testing with a split-test feature, analytics, and conversion rate stats.

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Email Marketing & CRM

You’ve most likely heard it already, but still, the most precious asset you have in your digital business is your email list. Without exception, building and growing a connection with your email list of existing and potential customers is crucial to your success.

ONPASSIVE tools make maintaining your email list and setting up autoresponders user-friendly and super simple. Set up autoresponder emails to automate your email marketing, remain at the top of mind with one-time broadcast emails. It makes it effortless to segment your email subscribers into groups so that they receive content specific to their specific needs.

ONPASSIVE tools are an excellent beginning point for developing your email list. It is not too tough to determine how to use it. Remember that your business, and the strategies, is constantly evolving, and you need to be ready. Thanks to ONPASSIVE that you and the internet now have better, faster, and safer tools.

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