What do you think shapes our future? We think it’s imagination. Take a minute to imagine with us. What if the outfits you wear can be both beautiful and warning you about increasing harmful pollution? What if the cloud technologies can make data centers more affordable and sustainable? What if we can utilize every inch of data on every species that ever existed, to help handle our toughest conservation hurdles?

Imagination and innovation depend on our capacity to view things differently. ONPASSIVE AI platform is full of people who do just that, as an outcome of their alternative viewpoints are great ideas that will help shape the future. We are pleased to share some of their most exciting visions and to encourage you to believe along with us – stimulating your own ideas to inspire even more inventions. This is the concept behind ALT: The future from an alternative perspective, an initiative intended to open a window to a few of our projects through labs, online experiences and video stories, and at events.

We aspire more and more people to experience our boldest, biggest bets and dig deeper into how we are looking at the world’s most significant difficulties from a different outlook.

By 2025, most of the world’s total power is supposed to be utilized by data centers. We should rethink storage, computing, and networking to satisfy future requirements and do it sustainably. In one of the projects, the future of the data center, we examine how optics can approach this challenge. The more significant effort presents the capability to store terabytes of data on a virtually permanent, thin platter of glass.

ONPASSIVE AI research:

Implementing programming principles to biology has the potential to remodel agriculture, medicine, and energy on a global scale. Within ONPASSIVE AI research, the team has been working tirelessly with partners to leverage our expertise in compilers, machine learning, languages, and cloud to expand the future tools that will enable scientists to uncover computation in breathing systems.

We will continue to share these and numerous ideas to inspire your imagination. We help you understand how through ONPASSIVE AI and the power of cloud computing, we can reconstruct massive amounts of data into insights and knowledge required by academics, researchers, and environmental experts to build a more sustainable world, redefining areas such as biodiversity, agriculture, water, and climate change.

We understand innovation should be significant – developed for a lasting impression. We believe technology can be extended to make our lives better, but also that can be trusted. And lastly, we believe innovation should be implemented, transforming incubations into mainstream platforms and products that encourage you to do the same.

Considering the ambitious ideas once thought as unattainable is now part of our daily lives. Innovative visions are coming out of “science fiction,” which were once considered as fantasy, are now a reality. Looking at everything from an alternative perspective gives us all license to dream, imagine, and build future tools. Join ONPASSIVE to experience, consider what’s relevant to you, and get ready for your innovation journey today.