Part – 2

Welcome back to ONPASSIVE AI Revolution: The Road to Super Intelligence. In the last blog, we saw how a few of the significant factors led AI to build a road to superintelligence. Here, we’re going to look into some other factors that gave rise to the AI that we are using today. Artificial Intelligence is one of the booming technologies of this century, and we have AI integrated into our phones, PCs, and other electronic devices. Moreover, there are other advancements of AI that are currently booming around as we read on.

Below are the factors responsible for factors affecting the advancements of AI and how the ONPASSIVE EcoSystem is implementing it?

1. Talent

Humans are as critical to AI equations as machines. Gradually, the number of AI startups (Turi, Nirvana, and Deep Mind, to name a few) grew up in previous years in which talent was the prime driver for acquisition. Today, there are many advancements in the field of AI, change is near, and speeding ahead, but only with an open-minded, progressive, and sharp attitude will reap the rewards.

2. Applications

At present, we are used to a lot of Artificial intelligence applications through smartphones and other electronic devices we use. It provides a high value of service by increasing social skills and enhances our potential. At the point when Siri first came into iPhones, it had a lot of problems; however, after some time, it was more comfortable and useful, providing a seamless experience to their customers. And, as time went by, many companies implemented virtual assistants (Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon Echo, to name a few).

3. Responsibility

Many organizations realized the full potential of AI and started implementing it in their practices. In today’s fast-moving and increasingly transparent competitive market, applying Responsible AI became a prerequisite for success. To be clear, an AI that isn’t responsible isn’t brilliant. Companies must keep this in mind as they plan and work on their AI-enabled future.

In today’s business world, this means, in conclusion, the winning formula is the perfect blend of people and AI forms.

What is the need of Super Intelligence? 

AI developed at a considerable rate; say it regarding automation, scripted learning, tasks, etc. AI, in simple words, is adapting the human senses in machines. And the increase in scale also increases demand in the framework, and a vast number of tasks to be automated, and centralized.

People will surely benefit from AI. The fact that we see automation of tasks is helping people have seamless usage of technology. In the long-term, it is going to be a significant benefit for multiple uses. AI can be used in Activity Control, Automating Support, Automating Manufacturing, Fraud Detection, and Imposing Laws without corruption, etc. In the next ten years, we can expect particular kinds of locking systems been used on our phones with the help of involving Artificial Intelligence.

With many promising benefits of AI, we today see many applications helping us day by day. Even after all the years of AI boom, we are yet to achieve the full potential of AI, and this is solely due to the limitless benefits of AI. ONPASSIVE is one of those organizations that have taken steps to get the full potential of AI. With the help of the ONPASSIVE AI platform, businesses can also leverage the full potential of AI.