The increasing need for automation and efficiency is causing businesses to explore new frontiers in artificial intelligence. Like IoT, 5G, and robotics, modern AI business tools enable companies to comprehend complex scenarios in dynamic environments and autonomously perform tasks with high productivity and reliability. As such, there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is going to transform our world over the coming years utterly. This is where ONPASSIVE steps in with its best-in-class AI business tools. By leveraging ONPASSIVE AI tools, companies across multiple sectors can boost customer engagement, personalize offerings, and optimize marketing campaigns, and increase customer loyalty and revenue. Here, we will explore how ONPASSIVE AI tools will accelerate and reshape your business’s evolution in the latter half of 2020 and beyond.

How ONPASSIVE AI Tools will Reshape Your Business

1. Build Smarter Marketing Campaigns

Over the last decade, IT and tech industry leaders have innovated ways to incorporate AI into search algorithms, data analytics, and marketing. And, finally, AI business tools have entirely taken over the advertising and marketing world. By leveraging ONPASSIVE AI tools, businesses can automate marketing messages and actions based on customers’ changing behavior and AI logic. Our AI business tools can help marketers to engage with customers based on customer-defined locations or preferences. Besides, our AI tools help organizations to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns and integrate data across all marketing channels. This further enables marketers to create insightful reports by tracking key marketing metrics (KPIs), spotting trends on website traffic, CTR, CPC, conversion rate, and much more.

2. Bots and AI Chats

ONPASSIVE AI tools are revolutionizing the structure of many organizations across the world as these tools allow companies to automate their tasks and minimize human responsibilities. AI chatbots also help companies to interact with their customers and improve overall user experience in a completely automated way. AI-based chatbot tools can eliminate the need for labor during online interactions with customers, handle queries at any time of the day, and manage multiple customers simultaneously. Therefore, it’s high time for marketers to adopt AI tools and focus on improving CX (customer experience).

3. Reduce Marketing Costs and Enhance ROI

AI business tools offer tremendous opportunities for marketers worldwide. Two out of five businesses say that AI tools already boosts productivity and enhances operational efficiency. AI tools also enable marketers to gain comprehensive insights into the market and deliver campaigns that effectively achieve brands’ goals. Most marketers leverage AI tools in market research and real-time campaign analysis. ONPASSSIVE AI tools allow marketers to analyze their customer data in detail, enabling them to create precise customer segments and map the entire customer journey. If leveraged correctly, marketers can use AI tools to remodel their entire marketing strategy by gathering the most valuable insights from their datasets and acting on them in real-time. This can subsequently help marketers to optimize marketing spend and enhance ROI.

4. Increase Personalization for Customers

To gain a front-line advantage in today’s competitive marketplace, leading companies across all sectors are transforming their sales and marketing models. Our tools can help organizations to integrate data across all marketing channels and consolidate it into a common marketing view. Our AI tools can also help you deliver customized messages to target customers at appropriate points in the consumer lifecycle. Besides, these tools can help marketers to go beyond standard demographic data to learn about consumer preferences on a granular, individual level.

5. Improve Content Management

Leading brands across all sectors can use Artificial Intelligence tools to maintain productivity as it can help in personalizing the user experience and improving content-creation. Also, businesses can leverage AI tools to automate current processes and drive decision making. Besides, AI business tools can help in content-based searches and content suggestions. This can subsequently help companies to precisely target audiences, increasing the chance of conversions. AI marketing tools also have the potential to close the loop between audiences, content generation, management, and delivery.

AI tools have taken over the world incredibly fast. Nowadays, AI tools are being used across all industries to reduce the dependency on human labor and minimize errors in operations. Artificial Intelligence tools are slowly transforming our everyday lives as the internet and smartphones did years ago. By leveraging AI tools, businesses can create a positive experience for the end-user, build customer loyalty, and drive brand advocacy to gain a competitive advantage in the market.