Optimize Task Management

The marketing landscape is highly competitive these days. Businesses must optimize task management and run as efficiently as possible to keep up with the competition. Optimizing task management majorly matters for startup businesses as they run on limited resources compared to other established companies. There’s no denying that it’s tough to meet startup productivity needs when there’s too much to do in a little time. However, it’s imperative to streamline processes and work smart for the success of any company.

Nearly 70% of entrepreneurs say that task management is the key to startup productivity. But how can startups optimize task management? Well, these involve outlining tasks, prioritizing works, assigning to the right team member, and measuring the results. In this article, let’s explore how to optimize task management to boost startup productivity.

Ways to Optimize Task Management for Your Business

#1: Outline Tasks

The first step to boost startup productivity is defining what needs to be done to achieve the end-results. Outlining tasks will give you a fair idea of where to focus next and what steps are involved. For all the tasks that need to be completed, create a checklist of all involved things. In case if you are planning to create a marketing campaign for your next product launch, identify the best channels, define graphics requirements, create a landing page to direct visitors, and identify ways to distribute the content.

Behind every productive team, there are a set of tools that streamline work. They help cut down on time spent in sending follow-up emails and unnecessary meetings. Besides, work management tools enable you to optimize task management, prioritize projects, manage time, and collaborate on work. This, in turn, increases team performance without much effort.

#2: Prioritize Task

The key to startup productivity is to work smarter rather than harder. But how do you work smarter? You need to focus on prioritizing tasks to stay on track with your task management.

Once you have outlined tasks, the next step involves identifying the highest-priority ones. The ways mentioned below will help you efficiently prioritize your works to optimize task management.

  • Define the tasks that can likely be done in a day
  • Identify tasks that have smaller deadlines
  • Assess the value of each task and identify which is more critical to your business
  • Identify the timeline for completing the task
  • Create a flexible plan so that you can change your tasks when required

#3: Schedule Tasks

By this time, you may have a clear understanding of which tasks are the most important and which ones will take the most time. To effectively schedule tasks, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Who will do this task?
  • What are the tools required to complete the task?
  • Which departments will be involved in the task?
  • What is the overall time of task completion?
  • What is the expected result?

Consider the scenario where you are looking to create a marketing campaign. It’s a fact that writing the content for the landing pages of campaigns is going to take a much longer time compared to identifying channels for publishing. As such, balance the timeline for task completion accordingly. Ensure to share the complete details about the task along with its timeline to all employees. By doing so, everyone understands what they’ve to do and when, and it provides a top-level view of where each project is at a glance.

#4: Track and Measure

To optimize task management and boost startup productivity, you’ll need to measure the results and tweak it to make it even better regularly. Keep an accurate track of how long each task takes, what sort of communication works best, and assess every team member’s performance. By tracking your work’s progress regularly, you can better streamline the process to increase startup productivity.

Your entire work is not completed as soon as you finish the task. Ensure to evaluate the completed work, identify the challenges faced by team members, provide feedback to foster growth, and apply lessons learned from previous projects.


Task management and efficient communication are necessary to boost startup productivity. Businesses must streamline every process from outlining the tasks to measuring the outcomes to optimize task management and enhance startup productivity. With a plethora of tools available to enhance startup productivity, you can make the right use of them to optimize task management. Moreover, leverage automation tools to work smarter and complete the tasks effectively.