AI in Digital Marketing

Since the advent of AI, the digital marketing landscape has been drastically reshaped. It aids businesses in developing effective digital strategies, optimizing campaigns, and increasing return on investment. According to a PwC report, 72 percent of business leaders employ AI to gain a competitive advantage.

Teleflora, a floral delivery service in the United States, employed AI marketing to create new consumer profiles and boost loyalty. Teleflora uses AI marketing to forecast the future customer behaviour of distinct target segments based on past data.

This is how AI is currently reshaping the digital market. Several brands use it to boost their sales and return on investment. It’s critical to comprehend how this works.

Why Is Artificial Intelligence Gaining Popularity Lately?

When trained on enough data, an artificial intelligence program can think, read, and react like a human. While AI may technically handle any task, it is primarily recognized for robotics, speech recognition, and image recognition.

Increased Productivity

You may improve employee satisfaction and productivity by using AI tools to provide general support. Automation can replace work that is considered unproductive by many people.

For example, workers can devote more time to creative projects that demand human intelligence and problem-solving talents. Data input, lead separation from a marketing campaign, and customer response to FAQs are duties that can be readily delegated to artificial intelligence (AI) integrated chatbots.

Human intervention can be used only to deal with sophisticated client interactions and to solve problems that aren’t pre-programmed.

AI Analyses Deeper Data For Insights

Data insight is the ability to comprehend certain business phenomena through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze data collections. A machine learning model that predicts the possibility of customer churn, for example, might reveal factors that drive churn rates and allow decision-makers to alter corporate strategies and processes.

Understanding Your Target Market

AI can easily predict target customers’ purchasing behaviour and decision-making, improve user experience, and supply customers with precisely what they need by analyzing data.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Many monotonous chores can be automated with AI. This may help to boost output. Simultaneously, AI is assisting businesses in increasing profits and lowering costs. “Cost reduction is the first area AI offers, according to more than half (51 per cent) of decision-making,” Forbes’ Joe McKendrick adds.

Connection Between Digital Marketing And AI

Brands are using artificial intelligence to communicate with their customers. It’s a test to see if they can use conversational marketing in their daily life.

AI is unleashing the promise of hyper-personalization through individualized product recommendations, intelligent content recommendations, and customer assistance suggestions, thanks to improvements in machine learning.

Some sophisticated marketing analytics technologies are being used in the marketing sector. These are utilized to develop customer relationship management (CRM) programmes that involve data management and improved customer service. Most  customer relationship management solutions can evaluate client data, which aids SDRs in improving CRM. When taught on a large enough data set, AI becomes quite beneficial in this situation because it excels at analyzing and digesting inputs. In the same way that Google Dialogflow gives you a visual representation of what AI should look like and illustrates its efficacy.

Business fields are fast adopting these technologies to gain a stronger market position and expand their operations more sophisticatedly.

Advertisers and brands save a significant amount of time and money using AI in various ways:

  • AI is being utilized to understand more about the tastes and choices of customers.
  • It has a big part to play in expanding customers’ options and giving the public what they want.
  • It aids in the creation of successful campaigns.
  • It is used to make everyday tasks easier.
  • AI is assisting businesses in significantly reducing expenses and increasing sales.
  • Produces better-performing content, which empowers decision-making.
  • It aids in identifying the ideal customer, allowing you to communicate with your target market.

AI has become increasingly popular in digital marketing, coupled with the increased use of chatbots. They’ve proven to be critical to progress. But first, let’s define what chatbots are and how they influence the marketing system.

Chatbots’ Contribution To This Development

A chatbot is software that employs artificial intelligence to converse and respond. You may have utilized  artificial intelligence (AI) integrated chatbots to find answers to your questions on a website. Audio and text discussions are both possible with chatbots. The latter is frequently shown on your computer’s screen in a chat window.

Since 2017, chatbots, also known as messenger bots, have been regarded as one of the most compelling new marketing methods. Chatbots are being used to market businesses all around the world. It’s not the same as the marketing channels you’ve used before, such as advertising and email.

On the other hand, Chatbots are the most successful marketing tool, mainly when used on your website and social media. It interacts with users who have already arrived on your website and gives relevant and satisfactory answers to client questions. Chatbots can aid with messaging targeting, collecting data about customers, sending tailored messages on behalf of users, and providing customer support that benefits customers and brands.

National Australia Bank (NAB) recently introduced a chatbot as a digital bunker for business customers, allowing them to spend less time on customer relationship management responsibilities. Chatbots can bring them further down the sales funnel by asking more precise inquiries to assist buyers in identifying the product they desire. Customers can request the chatbot any time they like. Whenever a customer has a question, the chatbot will answer it. The software can answer more than 200 questions and 13,000 permutations using accurate consumer responses.

AI Applications In Digital Marketing For Your Business

Recommendations For Products

Product suggestion makes use of technology to provide customers with individualized content recommendations, such as “those who buy X also buy Y.” It’s common in e-commerce platforms, and it’s used to improve the following:

Interactions with the site throughout the time of page engagement

Revenue and sales Netflix’s referral system may recommend movies and TV episodes that you would enjoy.

AI-Powered By Chatbot

The most common application of AI technology is a chatbot. When thinking about chatbots, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, and Azure Bot services may come to mind, as they did for me. These bots help your apps and services understand your instructions by translating them into a more structured style. Several  artificial intelligence (AI) integrated chatbots, such as WotNot, can help you communicate more effectively with customers by providing a quick and straightforward approach to creating bots without coding. You can utilize chatbots to connect with your present and potential consumers on websites, emails, apps, and text messaging.

Finding Information On The Internet

The way we discover information has changed, and advertising must adapt by regularly developing and publishing new content to meet shifting needs. Amazon’s Echo, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Home are significant recent product advances. By pressing all of the simple buttons on this device, you can ask basic speech queries and enable voice control activities.

Marketing Via Email

Brands use AI to personalize email marketing campaigns based on user ratings and behaviour. This will improve your relationship with them, and with luck, you’ll be able to switch to the client.

Machine learning and auto-learning algorithms examine the data of millions of customers to determine the ideal time and day of the week to contact them, the suggested frequency, and the most exciting information in the subject and title of the email, resulting in more clicks. The A/B test takes time and can result in mistakes. As a result, AI is your best friend when tailoring the email content for each subscriber.

AI Changing The Future Of Marketing

AI is unquestionably a potent marketing tool. What exactly does it entail? Said, AI assists organizations in addressing one of the most pressing issues in today’s business: consumer security. AI plays a critical part in the success of all marketing campaigns, from the planning stage through the consumer loyalty stage. As a result, businesses that fully utilize AI will have an advantage over their competitors.

  • Google Could AI
  • HubSpot
  • Atomic Research
  • Cortex
  • Bramework

Chatbots and AI are nearly always used in conjunction with customer service and digital marketing. WotNot facilitates automation and better client management, resulting in a win-win situation for customers and service providers alike.


Systems that analyze billions of data points and apply machine learning can now identify the best time and day of the week to contact users and recommended communication frequencies.

Use artificial intelligence to get the most out of your digital marketing strategies. Are you perplexed? The conversational  artificial intelligence (AI) integrated chatbots from ONPASSIVE is here to assist you! Contact us to know more.