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Why Does Your Business Need A Referral Program?

In The Pack Of Multiple Marketing Tactics, Referral Marketing Is One Of The Most Trusted Marketing Practices. This Kind Of Marketing Employs Word Of Mouth Referrals To Get New Clients And Encourage Them To Become Your Customers. Offering Incentives And Rewards Can Encourage Customers To Recommend Your Products And Services To Their Friends And Family. However, Why Do You Need To Have A ...

Are You Pressed with Shopping Cart Abandonment? Know Your Customer Retention Formula Here

Stats Of Abandoned Carts Are Worrisome To Businesses. During 2016, The shopping Cart Abandon rate Touched 77 Percent, Where It Grew To 78 Percent In 2018. Every Ecommerce Store Face Cart Abandonment Challenge As Customers Will Not Stick To The Same Brand And Searches For Others And Compares Your Products With Others And Then Takes The Decides To Purchase. There Is No Guarantee That All The Products Added To The ...

Explore the Prominence of Customer Retention to Maximize ROI

When You've Developed A Winning Product And Established Your Target Audience, It Will Eventually Trigger A Growth Spurt And Dedicating Just As Many Resources To Maintaining Current Customers As Marketing Decoy Brings In, New Customers. And That's What The Customer Engagement Team Is For To Help The Target Audience Find Value In Your Product Or Service, And Accomplish Goals.   ...

Turn Your Customers to Fans:

A Comprehensive Look On How To Create Patrons For Your Company - Part 2 Continuing The Second Part Of Customer Retention, We Come Up With Other Essential Features That Can Make Your Customers Become Loyal Patrons In The Long Run. The Four Essential Aspects Mentioned In Our Previous Blog Will Be Effective Only ...

Turn Your Customers to Fans

A Comprehensive Look On How To Create Patrons For Your Company - Part 1 Customer Loyalty Is What Every Company Craves For, Every Business Wants Its Customers To Revisit And Buy Their Products Or Services To Generate Long Time Revenue. However, The Greatest Hurdle All Companies Face Is Customer Retention. According To Accenture, 78% Of The Consumers They Asked Are ...

ONPASSIVE is an AI Tech company that builds fully autonomous products using the latest technologies for our global customer base. ONPASSIVE brings in a competitive advantage, innovation, and fresh perspectives to business and technology challenges. From strategy to designing, implementation, and management, we are here to accelerate innovation and transform businesses.

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