Colin O’Brien – Australia

I Am Very Happy To Celebrate My 3rd Anniversary Of Being An Early Bird Founder

20 Sep 2021
1 Min read

Today I Am Very Happy To Celebrate My 3rd Anniversary Of Being An Early Bird Founder. It’s Been A Beautiful, Interesting, And Inspiring Journey. Thank You, Ash...

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Startup Business

How Is The Equipment Checklist for Starting a New Business Looks Like?

12 Aug 2021
6 Min read

If You Are Starting A Business, It Is Vital That You Know What Type Of Equipment You Need And What Suppliers Of Office Furniture And Hardware You Will Have To Select From. Following Is An Essential Equipment Checklist You...

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I Am Glad That I Found ONPASSIVE

17 Jul 2021
1 Min read

I Always Get Incredibly Excited Thinking Of What Onpassive Is Coming Up With And How Everyone Here Will Win And Win Big. I Am Glad That I Found Onpassive, And I Believe You Are Glad Too! Thank You, Mr. Ash. ...

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GoFounders Testimonials

Our Family Is Increasing From Minute To Minute

29 Apr 2021
1 Min read

Hello, My Dear Onpassive Family Members... Our Onpassive Can Name The Unnamable And Communicate The Unknowable... Right Now, We Have The Strength Of More Than 635,150 Of Our Family, Which Is Increasing From Minute...

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onpassive AI company

We Are In It To Win It…!

17 Mar 2021
1 Min read

Hello Every-one, I Feel so.....glad.... blessed.... And Proud... To Be Between you, Who Have Made One Of Our best, Or Even Better... the Best Decision In Our Life, To Have...

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onpassive gofunders

I Will Be Grateful To The Great Genius Mr. Ash Mufareh!

8 Mar 2021
1 Min read

It Was A Great Day When I Joined The Great Onpassive Company. All My Life, I Will Be Grateful To The Great Genius Of The Century In The Person Of Mr. Ash Mufareh.  Mr. Ash, I Wish You All The Happiness Of The World, All The...

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Customized Software

Customized Software for Business Development

25 Feb 2021
5 Min read

Customized Software Is Developed And Designed For A Specific Organization Or A Particular User. It Is A Contrast To Mass-market Software That Is Widely Used. With The Latest Technology And Developments, Many Organizations Want Their Information Systems To...

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employee Engagement

How to Drive Employee Engagement During Challenging Times?

4 Jan 2021
7 Min read

The Year 2020 Is Very Challenging, And The Covid-19 Has Made Many Employees Work From Home With No Immediate End In Sight. Today, Our World Has Changed Beyond Our Imaginations, From Digitizing The Relationship Between The Firm And Customer To Digitizing The Relationship...

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5 Actionable Entrepreneurs Success Tips to Keep your Business Focus

3 Jan 2021
7 Min read

A Real Entrepreneur Is The One Who Leads His Business To Get The Things Done The Way Its Never Been Done, Breaking Barriers, And Being Confident To Go Boldly Where No Individual Has Gone Before. One Of The Entrepreneurs, Manny Garcia, Has Shared A Statement That “you Must...

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Machine Learning

How can you Utilize Machine Learning in Business?

29 Dec 2020
6 Min read

Machine Learning Is An Important Technology And Plays A Crucial Role In Today's World. A Technology-based Industries Which Works On Artificial Intelligence And Systems Are Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms. These Algorithms Are Designed To Identify...

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