ONPASSIVE chatbots

This part is the second part of the article: Technology Impacting Customer Lifecycle.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing is at the core of compelling opportunities, and at present, we are undergoing AI “manna from heaven.” The influence of AI and machine learning (ML) is magnificent, and business owners and marketers can utilize it for the benefit of your business. 

As before-mentioned, in the second part of this article, we will primarily concentrate on ONPASSIVEs AI-powered tools like chatbots, predictive analysis, automated marketing, dynamic email, intelligent customer service, app personalization, and lead sourcing.

Let’s begin the journey, or as superman says, “Up, Up, and Away!”


Intelligent bots developed with the help of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML) and AI, feeds on customers’ data to help the customer from the very start of product search.

With the evolution of technology and the existence of ONPASSIVE AI, it’s no more challenging to develop a chatbot of your own. It has relatively become more comfortable to build your chatbot and employ them to support customers 24/7 that impacts customers’ experience positively.

The ONPASSIVE chatbot helps your customers by naturally greeting them as your customers are communicating with another human. It will grab all the required information from the customer and suggest them with the appropriate product or service, which will increase your conversion.

Predictive Analytics: 

The ONPASSIVE predictive analytics tool is an amazingly crazy tool for any business. Preference models can apply to the number of areas like conversion prediction, dynamic price prediction, repeat purchase prediction, and many other regions.

The name of the tool make it visible why it’s called predictive analytics and the nature of the task it can perform; this tool utilizes analytics data and predicts customers’ behavior.

This is the most significant thing that any business needs to keep in mind that the prediction which this tool provides is from the data on which you have fed, and it should be appropriate.

Automated Marketing: 

Most of the time, marketing campaigns get triggered when it will produce a good result. But who is the one deciding the right time? Marketing automation techniques commonly include a set of practices, which, when triggered, begin communications with the customer.

Machine learning (ML) technology has the ability to travel through billions of spots of customer information and discover what time are the most effective times to build a connection, what content in caption lines are more productive, and deliver you the expected result.

These results later can be utilized to boost more effective marketing campaigns that produce a better outcome every time.

Dynamic Emails: 

In a related style to automated marketing, practicing insights obtained from ML can produce remarkably powerful personalized dynamic emails with the ONPASSIVEs tool.

With the help of predictive analytics and chatbots, start suggesting your customer with the best-required product at the right time, and this is where dynamic mail will come into the picture.

Intelligent Customer Service: 

ONPASSIVE’s main focus has always been towards customer satisfaction and customer experience, the chatbot with the help of predictive analytics will be able to discover the issues even before customers start to face it.

When it comes to business, building a relationship with your customers is essential because it’s considerably more peaceful to get repeat sales from your current customer base than to attract new customers. That is being the reason why you should build a relationship with your existing customers.

App Personalization: 

By practicing the predictive model from the analytics, you can impact the customers buying lifecycle by serving them with personalized suggestions.

If someone is yet new to your business website, suggest them to go through the content that is informative as per their interests. This process is most effective.

Lead Sourcing:  

Predictive models formed by machine learning can train to grab leads based on specific measures so that your business sales team can learn about the potential of given lead, and if they are worth time.

These insights into the lead’s potentiality to buy can be used for targeting the sales and discounts where they can be most effective.

In this article, we have covered seven ONPAASIVE artificial intelligence tools that businesses of all sizes can implement. Rather than tools that only dominant big business owners utilize, it is made available for everyone and anyone on the ONPASSIVE platform, a unique combination of AI technology and business.