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A key difference is a difference between the speed of the superintelligence and the quality of superintelligence. Often, someone’s common perspective is to imagine a super-smart machine is one that’s as intelligent as a normal human but can think much faster they might think about a machine that is smart as a human, except a million times faster, which means a machine could solve in five minutes what would take a human year to figure it out.

That sounds remarkable, and ASI would think much quicker than any human could, but the true difference is in its advantage in intelligence quality, which is something completely different.

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What AI Could Do For Us

  • Equipped with superintelligence and all the technology superintelligence would know how to build, Artificial superintelligence would be capable of solving every problem in humanity.
  • Global warming? Artificial superintelligence could first stop CO2 emissions by creating a much better way to generate energy without using fossil fuels.
  • Then it could build some innovative way to begin to remove extra CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Cancer and other major or minor diseases? No problem for ASI—the health and medicine industry would be revolutionized beyond imagination.
  • There would be a huge advancement in the Nanotech industry that could transform a bunch of garbage into a huge vat of fresh meat and distribute all this food across the world using advanced transportation.
  • Artificial superintelligence could even figure out the complicated macro issues and our debates over how economies should work and how world trade is best managed, even our haziest doubts in philosophy or ethics—would all be very easy to ASI.

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ASI could grant us to conquer our mortality

Learning and reading about AI will make you reevaluate everything you thought you were sure, among other things – your notion of death. Evolution had no good sense to boost our lifespans any longer than they are now.

The possibilities for new human experiences are boundless. Nanobots will be in charge of providing perfect nutrition to the cells of the body, intelligently advising anything unhealthy to go through the body without affecting anything.

The expectation that AI will perform its task with determined and unstoppable efficiency has got some of the amazing contemporary thinkers like Stephan Hawking, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk very busy. AI is a machine and a superintelligent one.

There is a buzz of developing AI through a humanist approach, depending on human values and human rights and projecting human values on a non-human entity. This is because most people think about only humans with intelligence and expect an intelligent machine to be human. This expectation may lead to the belief that AI could either be friendly & moral or evil & immoral.

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A few aspects, such as moral /immoral, apply only to human behaviour, and non-human, non-biological entities are amoral by default. While humans breathe and live by a moral code, AI’s code will drive it to do with relentless efficiency what it is programmed to do by its maker.

Any prediction that once superintelligent, a system would be over it with their original objective and onto more alluring or meaningful things is anthropomorphizing.

AI does not have to change from ‘friendly’ to ‘unfriendly.’ It just has to be doing its work while getting more expert and efficient at the task. A virtual assistant algorithm like Siri performs tasks like listening to your voice, learn your preferences, and make life easier for you to get a good experience out of a smartphone device.

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AI is helping a lot of people by being the easiest and smartest solution to any problem. It is making as for now, the world a better place to live in. In our next part of the blog, we shall see more into how AI can give us a friendly and unfriendly experience at the same time, or will it only either of it. Let us find out soon.

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