This is Khalil Arabi, leading the expansion of GoFounders/ONPASSIVE in Windsor Ontario to the rest of Canada and the World – it is the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) after all. I am a retired auditor and avid entrepreneur. I am an ONPASSIVE Founder since August 2018. ONPASSIVE is an incredible category-creating solution with a mission to develop a business model that everyone can wildly succeed in. Our Founder Ash Mufareh refuses to call this brainchild of his a program. And to be fair, calling it a program does not give it the credence it deserves. The ONPASSIVE product is a revolutionary, stand-alone, AI-driven, Online Marketing Solution. A business solution that enables anyone to succeed no matter what their background or record of success or failure. Every member, whether passive or active, will succeed automatically.

Anyone who’s been online for any length of time would easily confess to the unruly and unsafe world of internet marketing. I certainly had my share of bad experiences. Most programs are short-lived due to either, being run by shady unscrupulous owners, or the business plan is unsustainable or both. The majority of programs that sprung up in the last few years under the guise of revenue sharing were, in reality, Ponzi schemes with no products. They made their money from recruiting – using the money from new members to pay existing ones. And even if you manage to find that rare program with a solid business plan and honest owners, you found yourself failing because you don’t know how to sponsor or sell. Ash Mufareh, saw these same trends in the online space and decided to do something about it.

Ash Mufareh is a successful entrepreneur in his own right, he managed to reach the top position in any program that he joined. Most notably, his meteoric rise in Global Domains International (GDI).  On the other hand, he saw the same scenario play out over and over again – programs that lack a sustainable business model or ones with shady owners or Ponzi schemes. So in many respects, Ash Mufareh’s story is similar to most of us, with one or two exceptions, he has more specialized education- being an MIT and Harvard graduate, in addition to being incredibly successful as an affiliate. Before embarking on the ONPASSIVE mission, Ash researched many programs and opportunities but he could not find one that he would be proud to associate his name with. Ash also was searching for a solution that will guarantee the success of his followers and the masses and not just himself. That’s the sign of a great leader who wanted to help struggling network marketers. Ash knew full well that the majority of people do not achieve any success and he embarked on this journey called ONPASSIVE to change that reality.

No matter what I say to explain the ONPASSIVE opportunity, I will be doing YOU (Our Reader) a disservice because mere words cannot describe its potential. Just imagine a business that builds your team for you, rotates limitless fresh websites and splash pages automatically, sending traffic to your sites, seamlessly finds, converts and closes customers for you, provides you with every imaginable tool you may ever need under one roof. Imagine having Namecheap or Godaddy, Hostgator or Blue Host, Aweber or GetResponse, Sitebuilder or Wix, GoToWebinar or AnyMeeting, plus many more tools, ALL for the lowest price anywhere on the Globe. Listing out every imaginable benefit the ONPASSIVE opportunity offers would take a lot of time and space that we will defer for another time. The best way to experience this magical solution is to explore it yourself as I did 14 months ago. As a matter of policy, we do not promote this “Business Solution” in mass media, it is by invitation only. You have nothing to lose by joining, as the Founder position is refundable, and not just for a limited time but for a lifetime.  This is something that has never been offered in the history of the industry.

Ash will issue a refund to anyone who submits a request at any time during the course of the project. This applies to both the Founder position ($97) and the main project ($25, $125, $250 and $500 levels) when the main project launches. The ONPASSIVE opportunity will be coming soon but the founder position through our pre-launch site GoFounders is still available, this could end abruptly as soon as Ash decides the ONPASSIVE launch is a go. We welcome everyone but we are very selective; if you are a moral and ethical leader, a leader with patience and energy it should be no surprise that we want you as one of our founders.  So, take advantage of this exclusive invitation to become a FOUNDING MEMBER while they are still available.